New to this...all advice welcome!


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Mr.Blik said:
Jackson...I see you advise "get a bigger skimmer" on you riddle me this.....what is the proper/optimal skim to tank ratio?

Skimmer ratings mean nothing so you're better off starting a thread on which skimmer to get for a certain size/type of reef. IMO you want to be sure that your skimmer is good enough to remove excess wastes from your tank.


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Thanks Jackson, I checked out the skimmer thread you started, but found that most guys are posting MASSIVE skimmers! I don't have a tank just yet but am looking to keep it small (btwn 55-90 gal). So I wanted to know if there was a rule of thumb on how many gph a skimmer should be.

House so graciously recommended a cycling of twice the tank volume per hour...any thought (anyone). He also turned me onto Anyone have any other skimmer they recommed (for tank of this size)?

Also QQ for my education...what is the difference between wet skimming and dry skimming?

As always...all advice and recommendation appreciated!!


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Not sure Chief...As far as performance, are there any differences betwen hang-on or in-sump? What about cost diffeneces?

For astetic purposes I guess it would be cool to have an "insump" so that all filteration would be out of sight. I know that with most "hang-on" skimmers you have to have quite a bit of hood clearance. I have also been wondering if the plumbing is anymore combersome btwn these two diffence styles.

I am agree to hear any thought on the subject from my fellow MR members....



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Mr.Blik said:
Thanks everyone...I must say the I agree with most of you that this site is addictive...I find myseld logging in several time a day to read, learn and have a laugh.

Jhale....thanks for the advice...I like the idea of bookmarks. I want to learn more about reefing, setting up the system and want to get more of the lingo down.

This site Rocks!!

ps...any other MR members out in Bergen County NJ..I am only few min from Hackensack.:knockedou
im in jersey.. union county to be exact.. if u r close to hanover pet, they have 50g breeder tanks for $90.. good tank to start off with..

House of Laughter

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VC, the remora pro (recommended during our convo) is a hang on skimmer - it is hard to get a hang on skimmer to handle a large tank size or high bioload tank because the bubbles have to have a large amount of contact time with the water, the larger the tube, the more the bubbles can contact (assuming the pump puts in enough bubbles) -

I ran a remora pro on my 92 with a 26g total sump volume - check out the bioload in this bad boy in it's hayday!



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