cleanup crew suggestions


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when i first started off my 75 gallon tank i had some hermits and some snails....but then over time the hermits killed off most of the snails....back at the time i thought that snails did a better job cleaning the glass and stuff so i pulled out all the hermits and bought tons of snails....for some reason it seems that my cleanup crew of snails have deteriorated....they arent doing that great of a job i was wondering waht kind of new cleanup crew i am lookin for? should i get all hermits? or just go for more snails....?? my tank has lots of coral and clam so i dont want anything that would bother them.....waht you guys think?:fish: :goldfish2


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If you get hermits bro...make sure to get the scarlet red ('lil pricier)cause dwarf blue legs are trouble. Don't be cheap with those hermits, lol like you are with that RO/DI lol ;) :tongueani See my thread about those hermits.


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Nassarius snails are amazing for cleaning up the sand and keeping it turned. But overall if ur looking for clean sand go with a goby. Zebra or Mexican turbos are great with hair algae and micro algae they are like little hair algae Zambonis. Ceriths are good for diatomacious algae and black turbos are supposedly good for Cyano. I have Nass and turbos in my tank and 2 massive cortez red leg hermits in my 50 and it is immaculate I just need to get new emeralds since I am having some bubble algae show up.

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I'm a big fan of snails. Hermits are too opportunistic. When you introduce a new coral into your tank, just because of the circumstances it is stressed. The hermits sense this and will begin to pick at the coral (not 100% of the time, but enough so that I don't add anymore to my tank).

I really like the Nassarius and the Banded Trochus, Astreas (although they can't 'right' themselves if they fall over). Conchs are great too.

I also will never put another peppermint shrimp in my tank either. They are the same little devil as the hermits.