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Freebie Thread
Please post any item(s) that you have for free or need to get rid of and are not looking for ANYTHING in return. These items can be corals to equipment to even use light bulbs, remember one person garbage is another person treasure.

Please delete your post once the item(s) has been given away or edit the post stating that the items isn't available anymore.

Also, these are item(s) that members are giving away for free, so please only take the item if you intend to use it, not to turn around and sell it on CL.

* Quick update to the Freebie Thread - Posts that are sold will be deleted after a month of it being posted. This will ensure a nice clean organized Freebie Thread.

Again PLEASE edit your post if the item has sold. Thankyou....
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To keep this thread on topic - best to only post if you have something to offer for free, or if you want to ask for one of the free items.

Not fun to have to sift through pages of chit/chat about the items.

Please remember to edit your thread and list the item as 'gone' once it is no longer available.



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Purple Kenya tree available, not looking to sell will take trade.

first come first served !!!

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Coming to get it later

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Sounds good, just be advised it’s first come first served.

...and that piece is not that actual piece. I got a few piece from a trade I did with a local refer and he was generous enough to give me a few extra. I won’t be adding them to my DT so decided to pass them long to anyone who wants them.

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