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Manhattan Reefs
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Jamaica, Queens
Free Kenya tree

just bring ur own plastic .... (ziplock)


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Free fish item related..Must pick up all... see pics.. tanks does not leak...

Brooklyn NY 11229 near marine park


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Free: 120gal AGA RR w/ AGA Black Pine Stand

Pickup is at a storage facility in Town of Cortlandt, NY. The tank is on dollys and there is a loading dock. The tank could be wheeled right out.

The tank was used exclusively for reef keeping. There has never been any copper or medications used. It was later used for a frag tank. I have been the sole owner of the tank, which was purchased new in spring of 2011. The tank has only been sitting in storage for a few weeks. I have cleaned the tank thoroughly. There are no leaks or any issues whatsoever. The tank comes with the dual overflows, bulkheads, and supply and return plumbing and Hayward ball valves (no sump or pump, just the piping). The stand has a PVC liner installed on the bottom for easy cleanup.

The pictures show black frag racks inside the tank. These are not for sale. There is a white eggcrate liner for the bottom that was used to protect the glass. You may have this if you want.

I can help you put the tank and stand in your vehicle, but a 120gal is a heavy tank, so I will need at least one other able-bodied person to assist.

The tank is first come first serve.

I go back and forth to this storage area, so if you want additional photos of something, I can get them.View attachment 286371View attachment 286372View attachment 286373View attachment 286374

Whats the dimensions and i pmd you


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Free standard 20 gallon tank. Doesn’t leak. It was used as a sump in a tank I bought (no baffles) so no medications were used in it. Pickup only at zip 11385
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