FT: Dry Rock for SPS (NNJ)


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Got some extra trimmed pieces and need some extra rock? Trade it!

I will be in Eastchester on Tuesday.

Approximately 50-70# of Caribsea LifeRock
Not sure what type of rock the others are but definitely not a marco rock etc. I would use it if I didn't want a specific type of rock work. (bonsai using tonga)

Total weight is well over 100#

I am looking for SPS such as Tricolor Vilada, ORA Red Planet, Tyree lime in the sky, etc. I don't want green slimers, birdsnest, digis, or pociliporas. Sticks with nice color preferred.

If I have to add a little $$ on top, that is fine.

Price: $150

I will take pictures in a moment.