Achilles Tang FS Monroe NJ - 08831


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I have a 4 inch Achilles tang that I bought 4 months ago from POTO. She has been in my 75 gallon waiting to go into my 600 DT. However, I found a 6 inch specimen that I like and will be putting that in my DT instead.

Eats pellets, frozen, flakes, nori. Very healthy. Been with 2 yellow tangs all along.

Fully QT'd and ready for new tank.

Paid $300 asking $300.

Cash only.

See here in the video below.

Pickup in Monroe, NJ - 08831.



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Everyone, please keep to the sale. Any offers should be made through PMs, email, phone calls, but not though the thread itself. If the seller doesn't want to accept your offer that's up to him, nor does anyone have to meet his price either.