Zoa packs or individual FS


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Zoas FS/FT

Hey guys, all frags are healed and ready to go. Please see the below for price list. Thanks

Yellow Brick Road $8 pp
3p on plug (sold)
Alpha/Omega $8 pp
2p on plug
Pink Elephants $10 pp
2P on plug (sold)
1P on plug (2 available) (sold)
Jason Fox Jungle Juice $8 pp
3P on plug (2 available) (sold)
4P on plug (sold)
Scrambled Eggs $3 pp
7P on plug (sold)
10P on plug (2 available) (sold)
Rastas $3 pp
5p on plug (sold)
4p on plug (sold)
3p on plug (sold)
2p on plug (2 available) (sold)
4p Rasta with 1p of Goblin on Fire on it $20 (sold)

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Hey I can pass by today in a few to see what you got let me know if your available

My friend wants scrambled egg

I bought from u before

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