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Hey all, given the extra time at home I am considering an upgrade to a larger tank. However, before going that route I'd like to have someone in mind for my Cadlights 68 Versa II system.

Here is the link to the system:

The dimensions of the tank are:
Dimensions: (35.5" x 19.5" x 21.5")
All other specifications are posted on the sight in the link above.

The tank stand is Black (NOT WHITE) and the tank has black silicone as well, gorgeous tank. NO SCRATCHES OR IMPERFECTIONS..

SPECIFICS: I purchased the entire system with sump and all, however I disliked the sump it came with and the pump was not controllable. So as a result, I upgraded the sump to a brand new Eshopps ADV-300 sump with refugium ($400+) and I upgrades the Pump to a controllable pump (I forget the name of the pump - $200+). The tank is hard plumbed to run the drain and return, and 3 other auxiliary outlets (which i use for my chiller, UV and reactor - which are not included)

Sump specs:

So what you are buying is the tank, glass tops, Stand, upgraded sump and upgraded controllable pump. I will be keeping the livestock for the new system.

I would like to get $900 for it. I can certainly get you pictures if you are interested. If I do find an interest I would need a deposit and the tank would be available as soon as I got my new system in. I would obviously keep you completely informed.

Tank is in like new condition.

Locations is Queens - 11378

PM me with any questions. Thanks.
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