Tank RedSea Reefer 170+Apex(Full)+Vectra M1+ Radion xr15G4+Mp10+ Nyos 120+TK500 Chiller/HALF PRICE


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Please refer to images to see the full description and price!

Hey Reefers I'm looking to sell my Redsea 170 sinceI'll be moving to the Westcoast in a couple of months and the fish tank adds a huge layer of difficulty to the moving process, I think this is a great deal considering some of the equipment like the Main pump, Lights, and chiller are about a year old. Everything has been working super smooth since the first day, I'm in Brooklyn (Prospect Park Area) feel free to ask anything I'll be happy to answer your questions. I WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING SEPARATELY!! Everything must go together.

The system includes:

Livestock includes:
1X Elegance Coral M
1x Green torch 2 Mdium heads
1X RBBT Anemone
1x Duncan coral colony (About 15 Heads)
Assorted Zoa frags
1x Brown Toadstool S-M
1 Yellow Coris Wrasse
1 Tailspot Blenny
1Royal Gramma
1 Watchman Goby+ Pistol Shrimp
Harlquin Serpent Starfish
About 20lb Live rock Marco Rock + Tongabranch)
White sand about 2 in


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