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The time has come to sell my tank. Please don’t lowball. I have to move some of the livestock first, to hardware / tank will be available soon after. Can also sell as a complete package. Please reach out if you are interested in everything.. Tank is in the basement, so please plan to be able to move it, I can assist with small things but my back is pretty much shot for the tank/stand itself.

  • Blue throat Trigger, Male 4”. $100
  • Pukani Live rock with zoa / jawbreaker and orange jawbreakers / ironmans (were sold as Jawbreakers but changed color in my tank). Pukani is giant, it was custom picked by BRS a few years ago. $400 for 3 pieces, I am keeping one small one and it’s not included in pictures.
  • Jason Fox Capt Jerk colonies - best offer
  • Green mushrooms - $50 each or all 5 for $200.
  • Reef flakes sand - $50 (will need cleaning)

  • Tank - Red Sea Reefer 425 XL in white. No scratches, no dents, stand looks perfect but more then welcome to come inspect. Doors are not shown but are included. Have extra manifold and some parts to go without the UV. What’s included: cabinet lights, return pump DCP-10000, Bio-pellet reactor with pump DCP-3000, Manifold with extra connectors, Filter media cups, Custom acrylic lid cover, emergency pipe silencer - $ 1,700
  • 57W Aqua UV in black - plumbed into the return line - $300
  • 2 Hydra 26 HD with with bar and hanging kit - $550
  • 302 Aquatics Algae scrubber - $200
  • Vertex Alpha 170 skimmer - $250
  • MP40WQD - $250 Can include WXM module for an additional cost.
  • Calcium reactor package with Watson Marlow 520 DN and Geo’s Reef CR618 custom modified for total silence - $1200. Watson Marlos is a $3500 pump.
  • An extra EB8 - $100
Pictures of everything are coming.
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