Triton additives haul - Update: $80


Manhattan Reefs
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Hi folks!
for sale are a variety of additives for the Triton system. Some full bottles, some partial.
I haven't done all the math on the price, but I'm shooting for around 1/3 of original price, after compensating for already-used product.
Strontium two 1 L unopened, one partial
Boron, two 1 L partial
Detox 100 mL almost full
CO3 1 L almost full
Vanadium two 100 mL
Molybdenum two 100 mL, one full, one half
No BETA 100 mL 100 mL, 95% full
Manganese 100 mL, 30% full
Iodine 100 mL, about 25 mL left

2L Seachem matrix biofiltration media, 2/3 full
16 fl Oz Kent Marine Essential elements, full
1L Red Sea NO3PO4X, half full