FREE 6” Niger Trigger

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I’ve had him for almost 2 years since he was about 3”. He’s the biggest guy in the tank and previously got along well with my other fish, but I think he’s getting a bit too big and territorial for my RSR425XL (~90g). Please have a larger tank if you’re interested. I knew this day would come and just want him to go to a good home. Eats everything...LRS reef frenzy, flakes, pellets and nori. Doesn’t trouble corals, but does move the substrate and small rocks around as you can see from the displaced sand in the pic. He’s currently in the sump. PM your number for a video.

Asking $80 obo, but would prefer to trade for corals as you can see my tank is empty (euphyllias, acans, blastos, RBTA). Thanks!
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