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I have a innovative marine 40G AIO for sale along with IM mighty Jet return pump and Stand (GHA issues cleared and new pictures are added), No time for maintenance.

Also, selling my live stock. please check the pictures and prices below.

Tank, Stand and Pump (Tank has scratches, noticeable) - 180$
Media Basket - 20$
IM UV light - 30$
Mated Clown Fish Pair - 50$
Lays eggs all the time (Female around 3 inches, male around 2.5, had it for 3 years), eats everything.
Tail Spot Blenny(had it for 6 months - eating GHA) - 30$
Tuxedo Urchin - 15$ (had it for more than a year)

GSP Encrusted on a separate rock (6-7 inches, 3 inch thick stem rock) - 30$
Neon Toadstool (Around 5 inch wide) - SOLD
Yuma Mushroom (3 in total) (big one around 3 inches - 2 baby mushrooms) - SOLD

Other corals will be given for free when tank is picked up.

All prices are negotiable.

Pick up is in Harrison, NJ, contact info: ‪(636) 686-0343


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Sorry, light is not for sale, im keeping the equipment for future use.

Equipment used for this tank is A360X and Nero 5. Used to have IM Midsize Skimmer but the pump went down, so had to remove the skimmer.

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