papa newbie
Manhattan Reefs
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hi MR,

a little bit of everything:

single green/purple tip hammer
single green/green tip torch
4 red/green blasto merletti
blue sponge 2"
sinularia leather 3"
kenya tree 4"
single pink hammer/5+ magician zoas/10+ 24K cloves/5+ capt jerks combo
hollywood stunner chalice 2"
3-5 nirvana zoas
3-5 sonic flare zoas
3-5 mind blowing palys
3-5 sunny d zoas
3 teal trumpets
pulsing xenia 2"
3-5 pink & gold zoas
3-5 rainbow incinerator zoas
1" turquoise yuma/10+ purple monster palys combo
3-5 pink bunny zoas
3-5 rozen apple zoas
small rainbow BTA

everything has been in my system for years. PM with number for WYSIWYG pics. pick up in 11040 after 5pm or 11596 weekdays before 2pm. cash & carry.