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Time to trim. Cut to order. . Will allow 2 week heal time or fresh cut for less money. Cuts from $10 to $100 depending on size. It says my pictures are too large. Pm me for pictures. Send me how much you want to spend and I will send actual pictures of the pieces I will cut. Pick up in Islip ny check out my feedback ratings. Thanks for looking

If anyone can tell me how to get my pictures to upload i would appreciate it. I used to be able to upload pictures without issue. Don’t know how to make them smaller size. Thanks

Blue stag - had this coral for over 9 years it’s the show piece of my tank literally growing out of the water.

Walt Disney. - grew this from a 3/4” piece now it’s huge. Actually yellow color. Beautiful coral

Green slimer - basic coral bright green. Frags and fully Encrusted mini colony available

Yellow spongodes - basic coral frags and mini colony available

Pink Electric clove polyps - fast growing. Bright color
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When you add the photos at the bottom click view selected then in the bottom right click actual size and it will let you choose image size. Choose medium and then click add.

Do this before clicking add.

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