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Trying to reduce storage so want to sell things cheap.

BRS alk and calcium’s bulk bags (barely used) - $10 each, $15 for both (SOLD)
Icecap K1 nano skimmer - $30 (SOLD)
Salifert test kits (Nitrite, ammonia) - $5 each (mg and ph SOLD)
Led refugium grow light - $15
Radion g3pro xr15 with diffuser and reef link ($225 shipped, $200 shipped without reeflink)

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals 160 gallon bucket (barely 15% used) - $25 (SOLD)

FREE (if you buy something)
Aquaclear activated carbon (I have 1 small pouch)
Fluval biomax filter media (1 small pouch)
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Added the following:
Refugium led light $15
Radion g3pro xr15 with diffuser and reef link ($350)


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Bump! Added massive salt bucket for dumb cheap


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Bump! Refugium light is a steal. Radion is a steal! I’ll be in RAP on Saturday so can make even better deals

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