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New York City
After a few years in the hobby I will be moving out of my current apartment and need to leave the hobby for a little while. That is why I am putting everything reef related that I own up for sale, and I’d like for it to be gone by this weekend. The catch is that I live in a 4th floor walkup next to Central Park in NYC. If you are looking to purchase these tanks and equipment then you will likely need to bring some help along with you to carry some of these things down the stairs. I am not looking to part out the livestock from the tanks, I am looking for someone to take everything…this weekend preferably. $2,000 for both tanks and all livestock.

Tank 1 (bi level 45 gallon)
Total System Volume 90 gallons



2x fox faces
1 x exquisite wrasse
4 x heads of dragon soul torch
3 x heads of NY Knicks torch
3 x heads of long tentacle torch
1 x Tequila Sunrise mushroom
1 x Trachy (pastel blue and red)
20+ forest fire mushrooms
Pink Cadillac
Myogi Tort
2x goniopora - red, sparkly
1 x large montipora colony
1 x green Psammocora
Zoos - including Stratocasters and lemon heads
Toxic Candy Cane Coral
150+ lbs of live rock

4 x Viraspectra Lights
1 x Theran Rollermat
4 x X1 dosers
BRS RO Unit - 100 GPD
2x 45-gallon tanks
2 x gyre wavemakers

Tank 2 (biocube 29)



1 x Pintale Wrasse
2 x oclarius clown fish
2 x heads of dragon soul torch
6 x heads of purple and green frog spawn
10+ superman - forest fire mushrooms
1 x lobo
5 x green and blue fuzzy mushrooms
1 x large green Psammocora
1 x large goniopora (blue with yellow center)
1 x rock of blue and green zoanthids (Earth Explosions)
30 lbs of liverock


1 AI Hydra Light
1 Reefkeeper system
1 jebao doser
2x jebao wavemakers

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