Experienced Reefer
So one of the benefits to the Reef Moonshine method is my sps grow like crazy. The bad thing is I have corals growing into each other. I need to frag a bunch of stuff this weekend. Hit me up if your interested, prices are negotiable. Below is what I usually charge and what I have available. The more you take the better on price I can go. Local pickup only, I'm in CT but will meet up on CT border.

Here is what I currently have cut or can cut:

Rocky Mountain Frags Tigers Blood - $100
Walt Disney - $80
Hawkins - $50, Mini's ranging depending on size
Tyree Pinky the Bear - $60
Pro Corals Rainbow - $40
Purple Plasma - $40
Jason Fox Fox Flame - $75
Pink Floyd - $75
True Oregon Tort - $80 or $125 Large
Garf Bonsai - $40
Cherry Bomb - $200
Candyland - $100
Acrolandia - $250
Homewrecker- On Grow Out
JF Jolt- On Grow Out
Solar Flare -Grow Out
Bleeding Avenger - Grow Out
Princess Peach - Grow Out
Green Slimmer- $25
Maleficent - $50
Pot of Gold- $50
Butterfly Kisses - $50

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