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Broke down my reef, so looking to free up some closet space. Everything is available for pickup in Totowa, NJ 07512. I can ship on your dime, but prefer to deal locally if possible. Most of this stuff is like new, only being used for a month to two, unless otherwise noted.

1. Hanna Salinity checker - $50. Like new and comes with a few packets of calibration fluid

2. Bubble Magus Curve 5 Elite skimmer - $140. Mint. Used for maybe 2 months. Skims like a beast and silent.

3. Kamoer X1 doser - $50. Will come with 2 food-grade containers, bag of Kalk, and all fittings to convert tubing to standard RO lines. Basically plug and play Kalk dosing operation.

4. Orphek Wide Angle lens kit - SOLD

5. Ecotech XR15 RMS (x2) - $15ea.

6. Ecotech 30” RMS Slide - $40. Comes with Ecotech hanging kit

7. Hanna Alkalinity checker - $45. Used a handful of times, but basically brand new.

8. Hanna Alkalinity checker (USED) - $25. Comes with checker, test tube, and syringes, but no reagent.

9. Hanna Copper checker - SOLD

10. Hanna Calcium checker (USED) - SOLD

11. 3/4” Random Flow Generator - $15. I was blown away by this simple little piece of plumbing. Turned my static and linear return into a source of nice random current. Fantastic bang for your buck.

12. Simplicity Dosing tube holder - $5. Self explanatory here. No frill, metal and magnet free dosing tube holder.


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