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Scarsdale, NY
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I have for give away my other* 150gal Rubbermaid Stock Tank.

The stock tank is free, and has been cleaned out (photo below shows it as a coral tank).

Please note the pair of radion arms and rail, along with plastic white brackets and radions, are not included with this tank.

Pickup is only in Scarsdale, NY. I cannot transport the stock tank. Please note the two radions pictured in the photo are not for sale. No copper or chemicals have been used in this system.

The stock tank comes with a high quality banjo 2" threaded bulkhead a few inches below the water surface, in addition to the 1.25" bulkhead included with the Rubbermaid stock tank. A float switch with a 1/4" connection is also provided for topoff (shown).

Thank you,


* I had two identical stick tanks. The first was given away back on July 22. This is the second, and the one actually pictured in the photo, below.
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