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Thanks Goby for your info, much appreciated. WTB, seems like you are dead on. Sooooo disapppointing if that's the case. We spend so much on our hobby this kind of stuff is so disheartening. Hopefully, we are incorrect and the Doc will convince us otherwise.

John D Hirsch MD

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I am sorry that I was unable to respond earlier as I have just returned from an adventure observing cetaceans in the Sea of Cortez. I am the Doc of Doctor Eco Systems and have never tried to hide that information.

I spent 30 years as a surgeon with a research interest in acute and chronic human starvation. I am not a marine biologist but have strong feelings and believe that the gold standard for healthy nutrition for our reef ecosystems is a varied all natural diet which includes eggs. All natural foods, not process nutrients are changing the way we eat and feed our pets. That same revolution is starting slowing in our hobby and is gaining momentum. I believe that eggs are the gummy bear vitamins for you aquarium. All eggs have all the necessary ingredients to take a single fertilized cell to the compete organism. All eggs work. Variations in eggs total nutritional content are related to the size and content of the yolk sac which provides additional nutritional support till the larvae can obtain exogenous food and is generally species specific.

In regards to Reed Mariculture/Reef Nutrition it is and remains a premier provider of a varied all natural productive line of healthy, nutritious foods for our hobby. They are a model for many of us who share that same passion. Saying that competition is healthy, it is american, it makes us better. It works best on a level playing field and knowledge is that field.

If you want to add eggs to your diet, they are available from many suppliers both singly and in frozen preparations. You again, can't make a bad choice.

This is a forum and I want to champion the concept that healthy nutrition is a simple all natural diet and that diet is both necessary and sufficient for a success experience. I had tried to speak only generically about product groups. I doubt I will be more careful in the future. I intend on speaking out on topics of interest in the area of healthy nutrition. I invite others who share that feeling to comment or post a new thread. If you disagree, great, that's what a forum is about, post away.
For those of you who are "convenience/fast food" devotees and always looking for the next missing miracle supplement, try eggs. They work. If you think this is shameful advertising, it is not shameful and i hoped educational about eggs, but I guess it is in the eyes of the beholders.


Chad Clayton
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The team at Reed Mariculture believes in healthy discussions along with new concepts and ways of thinking; I believe this forum helps to achieve that. The more we talk about nutrition, the more likely people are inclined to look deeper into what is quality and what isn't. I really appreciate what you said about our company and product line Dr. Hirsch, and, yes, competition is incredibly healthy. It drives all of us to provide the best possible products while maintaining good ethics and quality.


Alfredo De La Fe

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In reviewing the comments above I did not see mention of LRS Fish Eggs. The stuff sells out quickly and is seasonal, not sure what type of fish eggs they are using in their food but I know he picks it up fresh when it is in season. He also incorporates those eggs in his other foods.

As always, Reed Mariculture produces amazing products and Chad is an incredible fountain of information!

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