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  1. WTB - 48x24 Stand

    Looking for a stand with length of 48 and depth 24 for a 80g tank (same dimensions as 120g). Please pm what you have, thanks.
  2. FS: AI Prime HD w/ Mount, IM Ghost Skimmer, IM Caddy, Neo-Therm 100w Heater (all new)

    These are all brand new in box: AI Prime HD (black) w/ Black Tank Mount - $200 IM Ghost Skimmer Desktop - $130 IM Custom Caddy Nano 20 - $20 Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w Heater - $35
  3. FS: 57g RR aquarium, stand, sump, rocks, 6 bulb T5 w/ 2x reefbrites

    For sale is an oceanic 57g reef ready aquarium (36x18x20) with stand and 20g sump for $150. Next up is a 36" Tech 6 bulb T5 light. It has two separate channels. There are two fans on the fixture but only one worked however my cats ate the power cord so I was running without and had no...
  4. Anyone in BK today and going back to LI?

    I am trying to help a friend out and get him some plumbing supplies. I am in Brooklyn (can meet anywhere) and he is in East Islip hoping to get these parts out near him. Figure it is worth a shot asking here or even in Manhattan if traffic isn't too bad.
  5. FS - BNIB Neptune DOS

    With these holidays and other expenses I could use the money so asking $250 firm. Would make a great gift for yourself or someone else. I am also willing to deliver within reason from Brooklyn. The box has never been opened and warranty is intact. Can provide receipt if needed.
  6. REMINDER - Winter Cleaning

    Just a quick reminder that as the weather gets colder it is a good time to do a general cleaning of your critical equipment. I got an emergency call last night that the return pump had failed on a mature tank. When I got over there the tank was pretty cold (since the heater is in the sump)...
  7. WTB - Pair of true perculas

    I am looking for a pair of true percula clownfish for a friend/client of mine. I just helped him re-setup his 110g in wall system. Really came out nicely I will post some pictures soon. I discussed with him picking out some nice clowns but he really likes the 'classic' true perc's. If anyone...
  8. FS - Chillers, light hanger and free plumbing

    I have 3 chillers for sale. - 1/4hp & 1/3hp Aqua Logic drop ins (will have to open to verify as they look identical) $200ea - Current USA 1/4hp (needs new compression fittings or plumbing parts from HD) $100 Conduit light hanger for 60 cube (could use new paint) $25 Return/Manifold FREE...
  9. Personal Update

    First I want to acknowledge what a great community and resource this site is. Thanks to Josh, all the great mods, sponsors and volunteers that make Manhattan Reefs possible. I came to NYC with only a limited introduction into this exciting hobby, and I have learned so much and met such...
  10. FS: Jecod CP-25 Cross-Flow Wave Pumps

    I have a couple of CP-25 pumps for sale. New in box just opened one up to compare to the CP-40 and take some pictures. Have a bunch of bills piling up and could really use the money. Please PM me if interested. $130ea, please PM if interested. Thanks.
  11. Jecod Cross-Flow Wavemaker (CP-25 vs CP-40)

    Got my CP-25's today :) Side by side with CP-40:
  12. Questions about incorporating a business

    I am looking for advice and/or experiences with incorporating a business. I am looking to setup an internet business where I will not be directly selling anything just providing a service. I am kind of a nomad and have property in several states so not sure the best way or place to do this...
  13. FS: Jecod CP-40 Cross-Flow Wave Pump

    I have the Jecod CP-40 Cross-Flow Wave Pump for sale. Price is $150 firm. In hand and can send pictures on request. Brand new in box.
  14. WTB - AquaC EV 180 Skimmer

    Looking to buy or trade I have an AquaC EV 120 or a number of other items like UV's, chillers, pumps etc.
  15. New Jebao "Gyre" Pumps *Confirmed*

    I saw reports that Jebao might be coming out with a gyre like pump. Well I just received confirmation that this is true. As I get more details I will provide them however for now that is all I have.
  16. Fish Breakdown Sale

    I am breaking down my dads tanks and need to re-home some fish. As per forum rules I will post prices but these are negotiable if I know you and/or are providing a great home! 6" Green Coris Wrasse - $20 4.5" Purple Tang - $100 Pair of Maroon Clowns (female is reg male is gold) - $50 Pair of...
  17. Reef Aquarium Log Software

    I am considering purchasing some software to help me log/track my reef tanks. I know there are some free/paid apps out there but I prefer something for my computer that will allow me to log multiple tanks. I found a few options and thought it would be good to post them here and hopefully get...
  18. Solved my tang mystery

    So I picked up this tang that was supposed to be a Ctenochaetus strigata however it didn't look even close but I took it home none the less as it was pretty cool. Finally figure out it is a Ctenochaetus truncatus.
  19. My new challenge - Rare dwarf angelfish

    Purple Masked Angelfish (Venustus Angelfish) Picked this guy up at Pop Corals today. There were two and I so wanted both but want to QT one first.
  20. WTB/WTT - Laptop Computer

    I am looking for a decent computer with webcam, speakers etc (no netbooks) that is Windows. Let me know what you have please if anything and what you are looking for it or prefer to work out a trade if possible. Thanks.