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  1. Moving Tank

    hit up reef trends or Advance marine
  2. Fish Clownfish for sale

    For Sale: One blackstorm - 60$ Pair of frostbite - 80$ Fish eat frozen/pellets. Very healthy have had over a year. Need these gone as going a different direction. Please text 516 647 8276- Mike
  3. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    go to place for sure. Andrew and Nick are super helpful and will not try to sell you something if you don't feel comfortable. Great selection as always
  4. MR Site Issues - Report here

    like the upgrade idea.. but not a fan of the new site. i have no idea how to do anything, and can't seem to scroll for sale page or even post
  5. WTB: Fish

    Looking to stock my 38g with reef safe fish. Lmk what you have
  6. FS: 29g biocube

    Selling a 29 biocube. Tank does not have a hood as it was removed. Scratches are on tank but tank is in decent condition. Tank is used, comes with stand. NEED GONE ASAP. Asking 120 please text 516 647 8276 Thanks, Mike
  7. WTB 30+ g nano

    Mr, I currently have a 28g nano and found some water around bottom, not sure if auto top off overflowed or not but I am keeping an eye on it. Looking to possible upgrade to a bigger biocube. Please message me or text me at 516 647 8276. Thanks, Mike
  8. kessil gooseneck

    Anyone have one for sale?
  9. Tank re-sealing

    Who can re-seal a tank for me? Red sea 250. There are no leaks or anything but it is older model and i'm **** about seams since my 60 seam split. How much would it be?
  10. Question??

    I have a red sea 250,... For the in-tank media basket I was wondering what I should run. I am going to use filter floss and chemi pure blue. What else should I use?
  11. in-tank media basket

    Brought brand new for nuvo 40 and sold tank. Need gone asking 30$
  12. Also looking to buy powerhead

    Looking to purchase an mp10 quiet drive. Please let me know what you have, price and pics. 516 647 8276 thanks
  13. WTB: Kessil a360we like new

    Hi MR, Upgrading from a 29 to a 65 so looking to buy another kessil a360we. Already have one and controller. Please send me pics and info. 516 647 8276. Thanks, Mike
  14. Brushless remote control cars

    Hi Mr, If anyone is into RC cars i have mint condition cars for sale: Traxxas xo1 brushless RTR w/ your batteries - 550$ Traxxas emaxx RTR with your battery - 200$ Traxxas nitro 3.3 brand new motor truck is in pristine condition - 275$ Need these gone. ask for pics.
  15. tank up to 55 g

    Hi Mr, Possibly looking to upgrade from my 28 nano.. Looking for something in the range up to 55... Length needs to be around 36" max. Tight quarters. Please let me know what you have as well as pics/price etc. 516 647 8276- Mike
  16. Pair of DaVinci clowns

    Hey Mr, Up for sale is a gorgeous pair of Davincis.. I have an all clown tank and they are getting aggressive so they must go. Need these guys gone ASAP as they are in a small holding tank. Text for pics. About 2 inches, very fat and eat pellets and variety of frozen. Absolute pigs. Asking...
  17. Live established rock CHEAP!!

    Looking to buy live rock. Pick up ASAP and must be located on LI. Pest free, no diseases please. Let me know what you have. Needed for 28g nano
  18. Clowns must go ASAP

    Pair of domino clowns - 45$ Flurry clown- 25$ Need this gone TONIGHT. no tank for them or place to put them Text 516 647 8276
  19. Wtb: Rbtas

    My clown tank is stocked with clowns now I need anenomes! Looking for rose bubbles speckled LMK what you have
  20. Last bit of equipment for sale

    Hi Mr, Have the following for sale: Custom cube sump 22x22x16 (5 chambers) -200$ Fluval sea and reef led light adjustable (25k-32w) - 60$ brand new in tank media basket -50$ All items are in great condition. Need these gone.. Cash and carry pick up 11783. 516 647 8276 for pics. Thanks, Mike