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  1. Coral TGC beauty and the beast

    Have a nice a frag with 6 polyps you can only see 5 in the picture but there’s one under the polyp that’s on the bottom. I’m asking 200$ I can ship but you pay shipping thanks This is a cell phone pic the frag is circled in the picture I’m in Stamford CT Can meet in Westchester within reason Or...
  2. WYSIWG Zoa pack

    WYSIWG folks asking 45$ ( first come first served) can meet in the upper east side in manhattan... within reasonable distance in westChester or in Stamford CT. Pm is key
  3. Coral WD and RRC pink caddy

    3/4" frags of Walt Disney and pink caddi 100$ for both pick in Stamford CT half way in Westchester or in Upper east side we can. make arrangements to meet up. PM for quick response also first come first served.
  4. Lighting Giesemann spectra 24?

    I bought this light from another reefer on here a few years back it did wonders for my corals but it was time to try something new for me. Light is in good condition works perfectly there is some wear and tear you can see in the pics. Comes with 4 Ati blue plus bulb (used for 8 months...
  5. 5 BT anemones must go!

    They are all small range from 1? to 3? selling altogether which is 5 maybe 6 I think 2 are on top of each other. Regardless, as you can see in the picture WSYIWG 100$. Can meet up in the city over the weekend or you can meet me in west Chester by Gil?s aquarium or in Stamford CT thanks PM if...
  6. ?Halloween Spirit?

    Just because it?s that time of the year here?s my ?Sexy Corals Monster Mash chalice?
  7. Wwc Sunkist bounce low price

    First come first served! I have 4 for sale! 3 of them are 100$ each and the 4th one which is the largest is 125$ PM is key...either pick up or we meet somewhere in the city or Brooklyn...I?m located in Stamford CT
  8. Fire Zoa pack WYSIWG

    Zoa pack for sale you?re getting captain americas, wwc twizzlers, rastas, CB rainbow fusions and don?t know the names of the other one pm. You can pick up in Stamford Ct or we can meet in the city or Brooklyn PM is key asking 40$
  9. Bounce pack!!!

    Hey everyone I have a sweet pack for 750$.... Willing to meet up half way or within reasonable distance. In this pack you have the WWC BOUNCE, WWC SUNKIST BOUNCE, NEPTUNES BOUNCE AND A GHOST BOUNCE
  10. Peppermint shrimp

    Looking for peppermint shrimp in the city, westchester or CT area...please no one recommend any where in Jersey because I don?t ever go that way
  11. WWC OG bounce low price !!!!

    Have a very small frag for 150$ pm for fast response. I also have bigger pieces but those are obviously more money. Willing to trade for something of equal value Can meet in the city or Brooklyn on Thursday...I Live in CT can meet within reason
  12. Cyphastrea/zoa combo colony

    I have a combo colony for sale.... the rock is about 7inches long and about 3 inches wide at its side is the meteor shower cyphastrea and the other side is WWC twizzler zoa colony..... there?s easily about 50 zoas there. I can meet in manhattan starting Saturday other wise I?m...
  13. Orange spot filefish

    Hey guys I have an orange spot file fish...had the fish for about a month got it from liveaquaria it eat frozen mysis and rods frozen food and some flakes as well look to trade for a nice fish no bigger than 3" or if you want to buy 40$ PS I CAN MEET IN THE CITY....THIS SAT IN BROOKLYN OR IN...
  14. Moved To Stamford

    So I moved to Stamford CT this month. Does anyone know any good reef shops in the area or close by? I don't know anything about CT
  15. Super sale!!! Wwc bounce etc.!!!

    Leaving for Vaca this Sunday I have a a booger size WWC bounce I would like to get rid of sale is till SATURDAY NIGHT after i will remove post. Middle frag is the one for sale 175$ pick up I'm in Bensonhurst Brooklyn also I'll be in the city Friday and Saturday during the day if you want to meet...
  16. WTB wavemaker

    I'm looking for a medium size wavemaker maybe that's controllable let me know if anyone has one I'm not looking to pay more than 100$ depending on the model...thanks
  17. WTB Oregon Tort

    Look for an Oregon Tort message me if you have a frag willing to buy or trade
  18. 2 frag packs for sale

    2 frag packs for sale 15$ each... first coral is cyphastrea meteor shower and the other is a purple stylo...when messaging me refer to letter of the pack you want...first come first served. PACK A IS SOLD! ....Pack B remains PENDING PICK UP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Orange Bowerbanki

    I have a large piece of bowerbanki for sale 20$ it has 3 large heads and 2 baby heads growing
  20. Norman and his anemone

    I like this shot I took...what do you guys think? I've been messing around with some photography. Taken with my iPhone 6s Plus all opinions and critiques accepted