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  1. Radion gen 1

    Radion gen 1 for sale. Lights work great. Needs new fan. No hanging kit or mount. $120 Pick up UWS Manhattan
  2. Hanna phosphate checker - $20

    Low range phosphate checker with some strips. Rarely used. $20 Pick up UWS Manhattan
  3. Radion xr30x Gen 1 - $150

    Radion XR30W Gen 1 with hanging kit. $150. Works well, but fan is not working. Have replacements and eco tech can send you new ones too or swap a new fan for you. Pick up tonight (Sunday) through Wednesday morning UWS, w60s
  4. Mp10w wet side/controller, Current t5 lights

    Pick up ideally today or before Tuesday UWS Manhattan. PM me MP10w wet side and controller, original white, working. -$40 Current Nova Extreme t5 20? light, 6 bulbs - $20 Refractometer - $20
  5. Frags and equipment for sale - UWS

    Can text pictures. Pick up before next Wednesday UWS Manhattan. BRS 4 stage RO 75g per day - $40 Hanna phosphate digital checker - $40 Yellow zoa mini colony - $20 Green hairy mushroom (quarter size) $20 Neon green star polyp (long tentacle) on frag rack encrusted maybe 4x6?++ - $40 Smaller...
  6. Gold bar maroon clown and yellow tang

    Need to rehome my beautiful and strong gold bar maroon clown and yellow tang. The clown is dark maroon with yellow stripes. The stripes are outlined by white lines. The tips of the fins are a nice red. The yellow tang is yellow. Ideally they would go to the same home as they have been...
  7. IM Nuvo 14 peninsula, AI Prime, R/O, more

    Quick first post. Will follow up in more detail and pics. $400, pick up Manhattan UWS, rather not part out IM Nuvo 14g Peninsula Tank, up and running (sand, rocks, frags) upgraded return, media basket AI Prime LED light with gooseneck mount Koralia nano flow pump Heater BRS 4 part R/O...
  8. mp10 wqd for sale - $120!

    mp10 w quiet drive for sale. $120 UWS The only issue is that the controller is stuck on full power. This is technically not an problem as I only used it on full power ingnrj first place. It does change modes and I kept it on reef crust mode (random flow mode). Eco tech customer service...
  9. Nice Green Star Polyp frags for trade only

    UWS, W 60s, can meet in Manhattan Hi. Looking to stock a new small tank. I have nice encrusted frag plugs or egg crate squares (2x2) frags of great neon green long green star polyp (GSP) to trade. Will accept anything as I'm not picky now. Any extra zoas, shrooms, monti frags would be...
  10. Softball size rocks cover in GSP - $20 last chance

    Neon, long tentacle GSP. See my other posts for pics. Last chance tomorrow (Sunday). Must pick up on UWS on Sunday 12/2. $20 Two large rocks at least softball size covered in green star polyp. One is covered all around in GSP and Kenyan trees. 1 frag rack completely covered in GSP
  11. Rimless biocube 29g, doser, rock, more

    $200 Pick up UWS. You read that right! $200 now. Basically covering time and effort to break it down. Tank is still running and ready to go. Biocube 29 rimless modification - beautiful! Biocube stand Radion Gen 1 and mount In tank media basket/tower Heater Upgraded return pump Rock GSP...
  12. Radion Gen 1 with RMS mount - $150

    $150 Pick up UWS Radion Gen 1 with RMS mount. Light works great, grows all my coral and links to ecosmart. Fan makes a little click, but goes away with a tap. Mostly won't notice. Ecotech says fan probably needs cleaning (lots of dust) or can be replaced by them send you the part or by...
  13. Zoa rock and GSP

    Pick up on the UWS, 63rd St. Must go this week ASAP. SOLD ~5x5cm (baseball or bigger) rock covered on top with a variety of zoas. Can be seen in the picture below in the center of the tank. $20, can't go wrong. SOLD 2 frags racks encrusted with GSP. $20 Variety of GSP frags. From...
  14. Biocube 29 tank bundle - stand, lights, rock, doser, r/o

    Biocube tank bundle - stand, radion, doser, r/o, still running - $300 *****! Updated post. Price is low and FIRM. Pick up on the UWS, W60s. Amazing deal! Just plug it in and go! $300 Biocube 29g rimless modification. Minor scratches that you can only see when you look closely to...
  15. Tank and Equipment Sale - Biocube, radion, more

    Will bundle if requested. Pics to come tomorrow. Pick up UWS Manhattan. 1) Rimless Biocube 29 with stand (upgraded pump, tiered media basket, heater, still running) - $200 2) Radion gen 2 with rsm mount - $200 -fan makes a small click noise and ecotech says they can send a new fan...
  16. GSP - neon green long green star polyp (large or small)

    Neon green long tentacle green star polyp for sale. Have everything from small frags to large 6"x6"+ sheets for sale. $5-10 frags $25 large sheet Pick up upper west side and may be able to meet in Manhattan elsewhere. Thanks!
  17. WTB Nano LED light

    Looking to put over a 20" 14 gallon tank.
  18. WTB NUVO Peninsula 14 gallon or other AIO

    Looking for an IM NUVO 14 gallon peninsula. Will consider another small AIO.
  19. Coral and red flatworms

    I am trying to re-arrange my tank and was planning on selling and giving away some corals (softies, gsp, etc.). But, I do have red flatworms. Would this travel on soft corals and should i therefore not give anyone any corals from my tank? Don't want to cause a problem for someone.
  20. ID please!

    New creatures all over the glass.