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  1. Breaking down 300 Livestock

    All corals ranging from $10-$400 Some coral attached to rocks and will go together and priced accordingly All rock is medium to large, some at 40 lbs, Pukani, Shelf and Florida $4.00 lb Instead of pics I made a quick video of the tank. I will try another to zoom in better. I'm usually busy...
  2. Dry Rock

    Dry rock from tank breakdown. Needs to be cured. 95% Florida, a few Fiji and Pukani. Small medium and large pieces Located Ringwood NJ 07456 $2.00 lb IMG_3239 by KSTodd1, on Flickr
  3. Selling livestock $20 corals and large rock per pound

    corals $20 unless attached to rock Large shelf 12" + and large rock 10-40 lbs each both $3.50 lb
  4. WTT 300 gal for a 180

    300- Glass, 96Lx30Dx24H, Internal center overflow with 4 1" holes, made by Glass Cages. 1 1/2yrs old No stand Looking for a standard RR 180
  5. NFG 240 Gal. acrylic tank *FREE*

    Had tank built by a bad builder. Some bad seems and 1 vertical seem separated. Never had water in it. I was going to try and make a sump out of it but lost interest. 3/4 sides , 1/2" top and bottom. 96x24x24 with external overflow Come get it! NJ 07456
  6. 180 RR tank and stand-NOT display condition

    Tank was used as a sump or a larger tank. Front panel is stained from silicone. Right end panel has 2 1.5" bulkheads drilled, left panel has 1. $300 obo PM for pics
  7. Looking for local acrylic tank builder

    Looking for someone local. Just bought a 8x2x2 online and had it shipped, and it is garbage. Need to be able to pick it up!
  8. Looking for 72x30x30 RR

    Glass or Acrylic. Must be in great condition. No stand is ok
  9. Dry Rock, different types and sizes

    I have a mix of Fiji, Pukani, Florida, and Shelf. From 1 lb up to 50 lbs pieces. several hundred lbs. $2.00 lb IMG_2123 by Kendall012, on Flickr
  10. ATI Bubblemaster 300...modified

    ATI Bubble master 300, in sump only, no pumps. Has 3 inputs, 27" tall X 12" Dia. $150.00 IMG_2077 by Kendall012, on Flickr
  11. 5, 50w led drivers

    5 unused 50w led drivers for use with single led chip. $15 each. NJ IMG_2076 by Kendall012, on Flickr
  12. Beautiful Jedi Mindtrick!! Large

    $50 5-6" _DSC0001 by Kendall012, on Flickr
  13. Break down corals sale

    Taking a break. Baseball size Hammer $30 SOLD Mushroom softball size $40 SOLD _DSC0029 by KSTodd1, on Flickr Turbinaria $20 _DSC0030 by KSTodd1, on Flickr Large rock with Jason Fox Hologram Monti, Pink Pocillipora, mushrooms $50 _DSC0033 by KSTodd1, on Flickr "Shady Lady" Monti from...
  14. Rlss r10-u Skimmer

    Used for about 6 months. Dead silent!! Specs: $450.00
  15. 2 Tunze 6105s and multicontroller 7092 BNIB

    Just bought last week and have not opened the box. I have gone a different route. I plan to ship them back on Monday 12/9. So if anyone wants to buy them before I send them back they are available till Sunday. 07456 I paid $775, will sell for $725
  16. Who can build me a large glass tank on site??

    Thinking of going bigger:smash: I would like to go glass this time because acrylic scratches too easy. I would like to have it built in place due to the weight and logistics. Any suggestions?? 96 x 36 x 32 Builders are welcome to PM me Thanks
  17. 325 gal 84x30x30

    Built by Midwest Custom Aquarium 3/4" acrylic, external overflows, 2 large openings, returns drilled in from top, DIY stand and canopy. Approx. 3 yrs old, yes a few scratches. Pd. $2400, sell $1000
  18. Which memory card?

    What are you using for a memory card? Is there something specific to look for or to avoid? Is there a difference between photo and video? I am using Sandisk Extreme 20MB/S. Thanks
  19. Pacific Coast chiller- 1/2hp

    I removed the housing so it would run cooler. One time it blew the internal fuse because of heat build up. I removed the housing and it has not happened since. It kept my 535 gal + 150gal in the sump steady @ 79 degrees. I was running 3 400w and 3 250w halides over the tank! I now have a 325 gal...
  20. Calcium Reactor- MRC-CR6

    Inludes: Mag 3, 6 months old Bubble Counter Solenoid valve does not work properly, but needle valve does 20lb co2 tank 3/4 full Main reactor rim was broken off and repaired. Does not leak. Rated to 725 gals. $250.00