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  1. B-Ionic Seawater Salt System 200g

    B-Ionic Seawater Salt System 200g shipped to 11792 Please pm me a price I can pay through PayPal
  2. Gsp

    Green Star Polyps 1/2" - 5" pieces Prices - $Free - $15.00 Pick up only in Wading River Long Island
  3. Staghorn frags

    Had to break up a colony. It lost its blue tips during the break up, but is coloring back up nicely. I have a few frags for $5.00 and a few for $10.00. Some mounted on plugs. All frags are 1"-2". Can fresh cut a couple larger frags if needed. Pick up only in 11792 east Long Island. No trades...
  4. Bas

    I just visited the Brooklyn Aquarium Society web site. It appears that they are taking the aquarium hobby in a new direction. Enter the new Forums Section at your own risk (NOT FOR MINORS).
  5. Frogspawn/Fungia

    single head green tip frogspawn $10.00 double+ head green tip frogspawn $20.00 green fungia plate $20.00 Pick up exit 68 Long Island Expressway
  6. Ghost Fish

    I took this picture last night and its got me puzzled. I was trying to get a shot of the mandarin. When i uploaded the photos i noticed that the zebra goby was in the shot also. Heres the strange part. I can see the mandarin and its reflection on the right. So why is there only a reflection of...
  7. Hermit Crabs FS/FT

    21 Dwarf Hermit Crabs $15.00 for all or trade for 12 pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager. Pick up exit 68 Long Island Expressway.
  8. Misc. Fish

    ****ALL SOLD****1 Med-Lg Pajama Cardinal $10.00. 1 Six Line Wrasse $10.00. 1 Yellow--SOLD-- Watchman Goby $10.00. 1 Orange Skunk Clown $10.00. 2 Perc Clowns--SOLD-- (Mated Pair-5 years old-Spawning every three weeks for years) $30.00. 2 Med. Coral Banded Shrimp $10.00 each or $15.00 for the pair...
  9. Chaeto

    PRICE REDUCED Chaeto $5.00 for 2 sandwich bags. Pick up at 11792.
  10. T5s F/S

    Four Current 10K 39watt T5s and two Current 460 actinic 39watt T5s. $10.00 each or $50.00 for all six. Fits 36" T5 fixtures. They came with my new light fixtures. I ran them for 24hrs to make sure the new fixtures were operating ok before i swapped them for URI bulbs. Pick up at 11792 zip or can...
  11. Acan

    Six months ago i picked up a 20 head Acan and recently it appeared to be out growing its skeleton. Tonight about an hour after the lights went out i noticed that it dropped at least three of the heads that grew outside of the main colony. Also noticed that the rest of the colonies heads were...
  12. High Tide

    Woke up to high tide in my living room, low tide in my tank. Forgot to put the screen back on my drain. Turbo snail made a trek down the drain and got stuck at the bulkhead. Floodsville. :snail::banghead:
  13. Anthias swim bladder infection

    Anthias air trapped in swim bladder After reading about swim bladder infections in anthias, i'm sure i'm having this problem with one of my females. Swelled belly with buoyancy issues. It still eats well but i'm sure it won't be long before it goes down for the count. I have the option to...
  14. Clowns F/T

    Looking to trade a mated pair of (2" and 2 3/4")Clarkii Clowns and (8")Anemone for a pair of Green Clown Gobies, or a pair of Purple Firefish, or a pair of Banggai Cardinals, or a single Flame Angel. Wading River, Long Island.
  15. Whats going on here?

    I walked in on my Anemone today, and found it doing this.
  16. Thresher Shark

    I have been looking for info on the organs of a Thresher Shark. I would like to find info that includes a picture of all the organs with there name and function. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. For Trade-Goniopora

    Looking to trade a Goniopora for some colorfull softies. It is about 5" when open. Let me Know what you have? I'm in east Suffolk County.
  18. Chocolate Chip Star

    4" Chocolate Chip Starfish $8.00. Free 1 1/2" and 3" Kenya Tree frag on rubble with purchase. Pick up in East Suffolk, 11792.
  19. Remote DSB

    How do i figure the flow rate to a Remote Deep Sand Bed? Do i match the return pump flow rate, or go with less flow?
  20. Coffbacco

    Just spilled a little coffee on my cigarette. Smoked it up. Umm Umm good, Coffbacco. :smokin: