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  1. Tank FS: 29 gallon Nano Tank with Stand and Razor Light

    Looking for $100 for the whole set. Needs a deep cleaning. includes: 29 gallon rimless bowfront tank with built in overflow. Eheum heater Maxspect Razor light Pump Custom acrylic lid Stand
  2. Live rock (Coraline)

    Breaking down my nano tank and selling all the live rock in it. There's about 30 lbs and the tank has been running without any problems/pest free for the past 4 years. Just need to make space for a bigger tank. Looking for $70 dollars. Make me an offer thanks!
  3. 15 gallon setup

    15 gallon tank/stand/ light $80
  4. Rodi

    Coralife Pure-flo II RODI. new filters needed. $30
  5. WTB Bartlett Anthias

    Any size. looking for one that'll go in my 75
  6. WTB pair of snowflake clowns

  7. JBJ ato

    $40. Bought to use in my nano but never got around to using it.
  8. WTB live rock

    Looking for about 10-20 lbs to seed the dry rock i have in my tank. Preferably rock with some coraline on it! Thanks
  9. Wtb

    live rock pref $1-2 per pound. looking for about 60
  10. 75g nice cabinet stand

    no pine no metal
  11. Wtb 75 gallon tank

    Looking for a 75 g tank
  12. WTB 75 gallon rimless

    looking for a just the tank or a setup if the price is right
  13. Rodi

    Looking for a cheap RODI pref around 60-70. Please PM if any one has one for sale!
  14. Salt

    Looking for some cheap salt that anyone is looking to sell. Please PM!
  15. WTB Small Live Rock

    Hi im trying to set up a quick quarantine tank. Can anyone sell me a small piece of Live Rock for my nano quarantine tank.
  16. SICK Clownfish

    So my 24g tank has been up and running for about one year now but for some reason i'm not able to keep a SECOND clownfish alive. I started off my tank a year ago slowly with a CUC including my cleaner shrimp that is still alive. I have one clownfish that has been with me for about half a year...
  17. Ocellaris clownfish

    He won't get along with my other clown. Need him gone. 10 bucks takes him! healthy and eats like a pig. He's been in my tank for 3 weeks now
  18. Wtb torch frag

    Looking for a torch frag pref. in queens
  19. JBJ 28 cube stand

    good condition with little water damage. $20 or will trade for zoas! Stock picture
  20. WTB frogspawn frag

    pref in queens. Thanks