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  1. 4 Line Cleaner Wrasse F/S

    Four Line Cleaner Wrasse - Larabicus quadrilineatus I have one of these little guys up for sale or trade, looking to get $40 obo. He's about 3in (NOT REEF SAFE) I will ship at your expense. Thanks Jay
  2. Moving Sale

    I'm moving to Florida and I'm selling everything. NO PICS First the Corals: Blastos Red w/ Green ring 8 or more heads $45 Blastos Red 12 heads $50 Blastos Red w/ Neon green center $40 Blastos Neon Green w/ Chocolate center 20 heads or more $60 Blastos Green $30 and $35 Bubble Coral $35 Acans a...
  3. Who's Repin Queens

    I'm just wondering who's from Queens and what part of Queens. South Richmond Hill Queens here!!! Jay
  4. 20g w/ Coralife PC Fixture F/S

    20g high $20 24" Coralife fixture plus bulbs. $90 I've had it up for only a few months. No Pics 347-234-6921 Jay
  5. 2 SeaHorses Free

    I have 2 Blk Seahorses for free. You have to be able to take care of them. No Pics 347-234-6921 Jay
  6. ID Help Please

    It's the coral in between the zoos. Wht body and brown polyps. I got this from Ronen but I have no idea what it is. Thanks Jay
  7. Zoos FS

    Zoos, Anenome, Fish FS/FT I have a few types of zoos for sale. I'm in S.Richmond Hill Queens. I don't have pics. Tangerine 1frag has more than 30 heads $25 Green skirt Bluish almost whitish centers peach mouth w/ orange zoos on the same rock 1 frag $20 WaterMellon zoos $25 2 PJ...
  8. Sand Question

    I am running a BB setup (95% softies) I have alot of flow in the tank and the corals do not like it but if I lower the flow it will be a pain in the arse to clean.(alot LR) So I want to add a DSB (I KNOW, I KNOW) How would I go about doing this? What kind of sand should I use? Where do I pick...
  9. WTB Purple Cap

    Like the title says I want to buy a Purple Cap. LMK Jay
  10. Tanks F/S

    I have a 20g tall ($20) w/AGA light fixture SOLD 30g long w/metal stand ($25) 90g w/homemade wood stand in ok condition,needs work($50) SOLD Pick up only Thanks Jay
  11. Sea Hare F/S or F/T

    I have a Sea Hare for sale or trade it's too big for my tank. (4in long) I'm asking $10 Thanks Jay
  12. Live Rock F/S

    I have alot of LR for sale. It has to be cured. $2 lb Some of it is Fiji and the rest i don't know, it came out of Spyro's tank. small to med pieces I have a 30g full to the top with LR No Pics
  13. PM calcium Reactor Complete

    It is Like Brand new, Comes with , Pm reactor , Milwaukee Ph controller Milwaukee gagues Arg Media ,that in the reactor ,and left in the bottle,90% left and Aluminum CO2 tank ,(90% full)5 lbs $500 I got it from Ronen. I have changed my plans and no longer need it. I just want to get what I...
  14. WTB 26g Bow front

    I'm looking for a 26g Bow Front w/ stand. Thanks Jay
  15. Clarkii W/T for Softies

    I have a small Clarkii. Would like to trade for just about anything but SPS. Jay
  16. WTB Hermits, Snails

    WTB Sea Hares Hey guys I'm looking for Sea Hares, anyone know where I can get them? Thanks Jay
  17. WTB Remora Skimmer

    Looking for a Remora skimmer. LMK if any one has one Jay
  18. I need some skimmer help

    Hey Guys I'm looking to get a skimmer for my 20g, some thing small. I don't have much room. What I have in the tank is 4 small fish and all types of softies, about 50lbs of LR, HOB fuge. What would you guys recomend? Thanks Jay
  19. Tanks and stands F/S or F/T

    droped prices on 90g&55g 90g Not RR tank and homemade stand F/S or F/T. The stand is ok it needs to be sanded down and repainted, asking $90.00 55g Not RR tank and oak stand, asking $60.00 Coralife 48" PC Double Strip light w/built in fans, asking $75.00 (Sold) I don't have any pics...
  20. WTB Stand and canopy for a 90g

    I need a stand and canopy for a 90g. Anyone know of a place or someone selling one please let me know. Thanks Jay