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  1. 57 Rimless Complete Setup for sale! Lots of good stuff

    I'm moving and I really don't wanna move this big thing and risk killing everything or breaking anything lol probably just upgrade. This is a great setup for someone just starting out that's for sure I have mostly dry goods and some livestock. I have a good feeling it won't sell as a whole...
  2. Like new IM Nuvo 8 Gallon Nano tank with upgrades for sale!

    I bought it brand new from a member on here but of course I'm upgrading just a little bit. It's only been used for about 2 months, mint condition no scratches or anything and I still have the box. It's a nice little tank good for gobies and zoas or shrooms unless you upgrade the lighting Comes...
  3. Purple firefish for trade

    I have to re-home a purple firefish. Not looking for money just a trade maybe? Some soft corals or zoas. Let me know what you guys have thanks! I'm in Staten Island btw lol
  4. The breakup

    So my clownfish trio had a big fight and it didn't end well and of course my brother decided to record it lol When I saw this I took him and out and put in my small Nuvo upstairs. I never knew how vicious they can be but I learned first hand unfortunately.... We'll...
  5. Anyone been to the Florida keys?

    Any of you guys go to the keys and do some snorkeling or scuba driving? How is it? I just want some real reviews before I go lol. It looks good but I want some real people feedback! Maybe even some pics. Also how's the fishing? Thanks guys and happy thanksgiving!
  6. Fuge light for small Nuvo?

    Anyone have a Nuvo or JBJ fuge light they can sell? Or even someone really small that won't be visible? Let me know and maybe we can work something out thanks!
  7. Who has the best Black Friday deals?!

    I'm sure everyone can benefit from this... I'm mainly looking for a good place or website to buy a good amount of Hannah Checkers to make my life easier lol But in general where's the best deals on dry goods and where's the best place for livestock.
  8. Free fire shrimp to anyone who lends me a trap!

    My shrimp keeps bothering my anemone and I need him out ASAP I just don't have a trap atm. Maybe someone local can lend me one and I'll repay with the shrimp or cash lol I don't really have much frags to give. Any help is appreciated tanks!
  9. Shrimp vs Anemone.... what should I do?

    He's always stealing food from him and now he made the anemone go into a ball and hours later nothing changed Looks like he's flipping him off lol
  10. Looking for a small Nano setup

    I'm looking for a small setup to sit up on a office desk. Nothing more then 20 gallons. A whole setup is preferred. No high end equipment just for fish and live rock maybe some softies. Post what you have or pm me I'm usually on this with my phone anyway. Tanks!
  11. Anyone have a Ritteri/Magnificent anemone for sale?

    Im looking for one and would be able to pick up tomorrow. Just tell where, when and how much and I'll be there. Stores or public, doesn't matter. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have a iPod touch 5th generation?

    I need a iPod just to use an app to play the radio at my store. I bought a system but FM signal gets jammed cause I have cell phone towers on the building and the iPod/iPhone dock has the smaller 8 pin charger port so I need the 5th gen. I'm stuck here lol if anyone has one just shoot me a pm...
  13. Anyone in SI have a small pump?! Need ASAP

    I just setup my new sump for my 57 and I found out I need a small pump to feed my fuge and I don't have any extras right now. I'll pick up anytime today if any of you guys have any you don't need or can lend cause I'll prob buy a new one anyways. Thanks!
  14. Am I ready for pods?

    What's up guys so my 57 has been running for about 6 weeks and looking good. I started from day 1 with live rock and live sand both from a established set up and cheato in the sump. As of now all I have are inverts no fish yet and I'm thinking if I can add some pods. I see some on my live rock...
  15. Just starting out... Algae problem!

    I'm about 2 and a half weeks into my cycling of my 57. I got my live sand from someone's existing tank and live rock from 2 separate running tanks. I made the big mistake of using tap water to fill it up but now I use RODI. I did the first water change today and my parameters look good. I have...
  16. WTB: RODI Unit

    I need a good system fairly new and easy to use. I like the BRS ones. I'd like 5 stage but I think 4 will put out 0 TDS. So let me know what you guys have!
  17. WTB: Mp10

    I have one wireless version right now so I want another one so they can work together. Fairly new condition preferred
  18. Drain shooting out lots of bubbles

    My drain is big (about 1 1/4" wide) and it drains into my sump and shoots out a lot of bubbles and fast! And in the cheato area there are lots of tiny air bubbles which travel to my return pump and shoot all over my display and makes the water all cloudy. How can I fix this? I'm getting a new...
  19. Mag 9.5 alternative?

    I just bought a setup a few weeks ago and the pump has been running for a few days now and the mag started making a rattling/rocking sound. I thought it was just the vibrations hitting the wall but it still rattles so I think the propellor is bad or something since when I first got it, it was...
  20. Leaking bulkheads?!

    I seem to be having a problem with my bulkheads...I bought a used 57 rimless and at first it had rubber gaskets on both sides and was leaking so I put only one new one on the inside of the tank on each and still having issues. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?