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  1. Fully Conditioned Captive Bred Juvenile Scribbled Angel

    $300. Hardy and eating everything. One sold one avail.
  2. Fully Conditioned Achilles Tangs

    2x available. $200 ea. ~3.5"-4". Conditioned for 2 months! Eating frozen, flakes, and nori. Pic is one of them going after frozen.
  3. POTO's Fish Offering for Pick Up at NJRC Swap

    Below is the list of fish available for pre-ordering now and pick up at the Swap. The quickest way to secure your fish is to send PayPal to For any question please feel free to PM or shoot me an email to that same email. All fish have been treated with PraziPro and...
  4. NJ Swap Special - Pre-Order PE Mysis and LRS Frenzy Foods

    How to Pre-Order your foods: Send PayPal to and in the message box indicate which foods you are ordering. Your foods will be available for pick up at the NJ Swap on 9/27 at POTO's booth. PE Frozen Mysis Shrimp 16 oz Flat Pack - $20 40 oz Flat Pack - $40 LRS...
  5. Out-of-This-World Goni

    This thing literally glitters.
  6. Awsm looking acan

    And many more. Sign up to our mailing list now and receive 15% when site launches!
  7. POTO's Hiring!

    We are looking for a Responsible and Reliable person to help us out at POTO. Job Description: Order Fulfillment and Shipping Requirements: Must have ability to travel to and from Staten Island. Experience with Fish and Corals a plus. But will train the right person. This is a part-time...
  8. POTO Conditioned? Reef-Safe Fish For Sale

    I have a few nice fish ready to go to great homes right now! This is for pick up at the Staten Island (PM for address). First pay first serve. PayPal info in signature. Tahitian White-Tail Kole Tang (Ctenochaetus flavicauda) 4" conditioned for 4 weeks, attacks mysis, pellets and seaweed, not...
  9. Some updates d[:)

    While we are finishing up the last few details of the new space and the website, please be sure to sign up for the mailing list (by going to to stay up to date with current availability. An exclusive launch promotion code that gives you 15% off on the site will be...
  10. -------- Custom Miracles tank FS --------

    Custom aquarium built by Miracles in Canada. I designed the tank to be shallow and in-wall for easy access from the top. Think of it as a 40g breeder stretched to 5ft. Excellent setup for the past 3 years. And now I'm ready to pass it on to someone else to enjoy this great tank. Tank is...
  11. NJ Swap Special Request

    Hey guys I am happy to announce that POTO will be at the September 27th NJ Swap. If you have any special request from QT'ed livestock to drygoods, from a damsel to a gem tang, or frag plugs to LED and anything in between, please feel free to drop me a PM and let me know what you're after.
  12. Safety Stop - Rapid Fish Quarantine

    This is a great new product. For a review check this out: I have used this product to "dip" all the fish before going into quarantine with great success. For a limited time I am offering 5-pack for only $20 shipped while...
  13. MarcoRocks Dry Key Largo 50 lb Box CHEAP

    Great dryrock to start or seed your tank without worrying about unwanted pest and nuisance algae. No rubbles aside from small break offs. I used the same rock in all my systems for years. $100 per box. Buy 2 boxes get 10% off. Buy 4 boxes get 20% off. While supplies last. Shipping available...
  14. What POTO has been up to

    Hey guys I am happy to share some pics of the new POTO space. It's not ready yet but I thought I'd give an update on what we are up to. Appreciate the patience in the mean time and thanks for looking.
  15. Selling Red Tulip Mother Colony

    I am moving and don't want to lose this beautiful piece during the move. It is approx. 3-4 yrs of growth from a 1/2" nub. The Red Tulip is a very hardy piece but you should still be relatively successful with SPS. Price is $500 sold attached to the rock. The rock is a thick Tonga branch roughly...
  16. SPS colonies FS

    Hawkin's Echinata Colony WYSIWYG $125.00 POTO's Rainbow Stylo Colony WYSIWYG $80.00
  17. Red Tulip available again

    Red tulip nice size $80 Huge frag of efflo $65 Nice size pink stylo $30
  18. Blueline and Goldflake Angels!

    Go to the site to take advantage of the new "QT it yourself" pricing option!
  19. ON SALE: Skunk Cleaner Shrimps $10

    First pay first serve. Size small. Got about 10.