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  1. Need some cheato /macro

    Anyone near me have some getting started again need some greens
  2. yo anyone i know auto part biz

    i got volvo need a few part not trying to go the dealer dealer cost too much
  3. yo renegade shout out

    yo making a come back to hobby same old dubs are there any og renegade around trying find some my old friends am back at building custom stand etc and want to see what everbody working hit 914 879 3491 if we get link up
  4. the official Sunday renegade chill out

    Ok since we dont always have the time to link up am thinking of having a official 3Sunday's chill out am going back to the drawing board and the basic way i used to reef when i was killing it so the idea is on every 3 Sundays of the month when water change time the renegade hommies part true and...
  5. the renegade went back to the lab part 2 ....this is for the general mr

    Ok am going to build some custom stuff for the general mr members even tho i dont generally do this i dont like to mix money and the hobby but j got a few legit request and y not mix and mingle with some of the other hobbiest ..i have a stand and ato box to build so far while in the lab ill...
  6. i love been a renegade no thanks to Trinimaddness

    i run out of patience waiting for this guy my big hommie junior came true addition is in place we dont play no games when come to getting the job done ...Trinimaddness dont come back to have no more coral for u lol
  7. 28g nano stand ...custom sump and the stand for sump ft/ft

    Need this out asap need the room would like to trade much rather trade stand stand sump and table from my ladys setup trade trying to get it out looking a bta or tank or equipment involve hmu lmk
  8. the renegade went back to the lab ....and we dont play no game

    Excellent renegade weekend me and Trinimaddness went to my work shop and build and stank for his upgrade come and finally got thing popping on my 29 g addition ohh wee there whole lot of renegade reefing coming i love how the team is moving up and we not playing no game ...
  9. 2 big changes coming ...and reefing get more challenging! !!!

    Ok life been a little crazy on the home front but great at the same time Am having a baby excellent ...but have less time for reefing
  10. frags ft.. looking for bubble tips

    am looking for anenomes i have bunch frag in return hmu
  11. free green implosions

    I have about 50 polyps free to who want them link me
  12. starter pack for sale 60 $$

    Starter pack fs/ft 8 to 10 mix frags Looking for anenomes and ato if u have those and wanna trade hmu we work something out
  13. music and a beer

    Hey last min plan but ill be in the city tomm on Bleecker st at a reggae band playing live music it free before 8 and 5 buck after anyone in the area wanna link up holla at me
  14. It's official renegade challenge! !

    As we all know me and Trinimaddness are good hommies we have a big challenge between us for funs Sake ...jUst fun but the challenge is that i cant build a anemone island in the corner of my tank tgey won't stay he say ..i think other wise well am off to a great start 2 down 2 to go ur gonna owe...
  15. softies pack for sale 60 bucks

    I have about 8 Nice frags mostly zoas i would like to get rid quickly trying to get something else for the tank 60 quick sale am looking for a bta or monti currently if have that and want to trade hit me and i can def add plenty of frag to up the deal lmk
  16. FS FT Green Pavona

    $5 - $10 a frag
  17. the Renegade is back at it again

    i built this in a few hours for my hommie to switch his tank this weekend its a little rushed but a few hours after i think i did ok considering i haven't reef in few month or built anything in a while. the renegades are at it tho another tank is going for another one of the hommies
  18. my favorite polyp

    The Grandis polyp
  19. looking to trade some corals

    I have zoas/sps/and softies i would to trade for some monti Top of the list ora monti spangodes along with the rest of the list cap different colors etc hmu lmk
  20. green grandis available .....goingto pop corals on sat

    I have neon green 1x1000 grandis that became available someone flake on grabbing it .... its available 30 bucks ...i only have one these i will not frag the colony again for a long time I also have cinnamon grandis available 25 buck each Am Going pop coral on sat from 4pm to 6 pm if...