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  1. FREE- 125g Reef Ready w/stand. MUST PICK UP TODAY. Kings Park.

    Tearing down my tank and need it gone today. It is a reef ready Aqueon 125g. With custom stand. This is for the tank and stand only. You must take both. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU CAN DEFINITELY COME GET IT TODAY and are telling me what time you will be here. You will need a vehicle large...
  2. FS: Apex Items. PMK, WXM, AFS

    Here are the next few Neptune Items I have for sale from my 125g break down. All are in great condition with boxes and all accessories. Apex PMK- $185 pickup, $200 Shipped (The bright purple paint on the rock has faded from being in tank. Looks better IMO) Apex WXM- SOLD Apex AFS- SOLD All...
  3. FS: Breaking down TanK. Apex stuff, Kessil, Trigger ATO

    I am breaking down my 125G. I have for the following for sale. All equipment was purchased less that 1 year ago and in excellent condition. 2 x Neptune Apex DOS Used for 1 month. $185 each *SOLD* Neptune Apex EB832 $170.00 *SOLD* Kassil H380. Used for only 1 month. $185.00 *SOLD* Trigger...
  4. FS:BRS 6 Stage RO/DI System - 150GPD NIB

    BRS 6 Stage Universal Water Saver Plus RO/DI System - 150GPD Brand new never used. Just opened to check contents. $200.00 firm. Local pickup only. I am located in Lake Grove, NY
  5. FS: Trigger Systems Emerald 39 NIB

    Trigger Systems Emerald 39 sump. I purchased it directly from Trigger Systems as a "Blemished" unit. It is brand new, only taken out of the box for pictures. Here is what Trigger Systems said about the blemish. "We do have an EMERALD39 that had some of the paper masking in a very small spot in...
  6. FS: Vortech MP40wES

    Sellina a MP40WES. Great condition, works perfectly. Manufacture date is 11/29/10. $315.00 shipped firm. Will post pictures later tonight. Please PM if interested.
  7. FS; Mag 9.5 (New)

    Selling a brand new never opened Mag 9.5 pump. $80.00 Please PM if interested.
  8. fS: Hanna Checker's

    I have the follwing Hanna Checker's for sale. Phosphate... comes with 3 regent packs. $37 shipped. (Sold) Alkalinity.... Regent bottle is almost full. $37 shipped. Prices are firm. PM if interested
  9. BNIB: Mag 9.5, BRS Dosing pump, Frag Tools and test Kit

    All items are Brand new Mag 9.5: $85.00 shipped (I have 2 of these) (1 Sold) BRS 2 Part Doser 1.1 ml per minute: $60.00 shipped (Sold) Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit (Ca,ALK,MG) $35 Shipped (Sold) BRS Coral Propagation kit-Deluxe $35.00 Shipped (Sold) Please PM if interested
  10. FS: 36" TrueLumen Pro 12,000k LED's

    I have 2 NIB Current USA 36" True Lumen Pro strips 12,000k w/ power supply and wire harness. I purchesed these to add some shimmer to my T5's, but decided to leave things as they are with my lighting. Purchesed new this setup is $350. Selling for $250.00 firm. Thanks for looking
  11. Bulb Change..One at a time, or all at once?

    I'm doing a bulb change on my 6 bulb ATI Sun Power. Trying to decide weather to change all the bulbs at once and raise the fixture and slowly lower it to aclimate the corals to the new bulbs or just change out one bulb a week. The current bulbs are just about a year old. The new bulb combo...
  12. LIRA Meeting Garage Sale Items

    I have the following Items availible for the garage sale. 1. Aqua C EV-180 with overflow container. $125.00 2. NIB Neptune Breakout Box $30.00 3. Mag 9.5 Pump $40.00 (Sold) Has cut in cord pictured below. Only the outer casing is cut. Price reflects cord condition. 4. Koralia Evolution 1400 x2...
  13. Need some help with SPS problem

    I am hoping you guy's can help me figure out what is happening to some of my SPS coral. The past few weeks I started having bleaching problems. The bleaching starts at the bottom and works it way up. It started firat on onw coral, then another a few weeks after. Tank is 125 Gallon ATI 6 bulb...
  14. Quarantining a new ORA Mandarin

    I pre ordered a ORA Blue Mandarin that I will be picking up at the swap. I have read mixed opinion's on weather or not to QT a Mandarin. Since it is from ORA it should be eating prepared food, so lack of Pod's in the QT tank shouldn't be a problem. What are your thoughts? Is there any other...
  15. Thinking of ading a Helfrichi Firefish

    I am thinking of getting a Helfrichi Firefish. My tank is 125 gallons. The only fish I have in there as of now are a pair of Ocellaris Clowns and a Solar Fairy Wrasse. Do they do well being added to a tank with established fish. When I added the Wrasse the female clown definitely made sure the...
  16. Picked up some new LPS pieces. Thought I share some pics

    I picked up a few LPS pieces yesterday. I thought I would share a few pictures. 1st is a Red Gonipora which is now my favorite coral in the tank.
  17. Question for people with 2 MP40's

    I have been using 1 MP40 on my tank since I set it up. I have a 2nd one coming tomorrow. I am curious as to how you all have them set up. I am planning on having one on each side of the tank. My question is, do you have them placed the same on each end shooting right into each other or do you...
  18. Post your fish list

    I'm trying to figure out what fish I would like to put in my 125 gallon reef. So far I have a pair of Ocellaris Clowns and a Solar Wrasse. I would love to hear what combinations of fish People have in their tank. I have looked through the tank threads a bit, but I think it would be great to...
  19. Any LFS carry the Reefkeeper Lite?

    Does anyone know if any LFS cary the Reefkeeper Lite in stock? I have to send my Apex in to Neptune and would like to get a RKL to use while it's gone.
  20. When to add life?

    I transfered my rock from my 90 gallon to my new 125 a week ago. The rock was in the 90 gallon for about 6 years and is fully cured. I was thinking I may get a small cycle from the move, but after a week Ammonia and Nitrites are stable at zero. I do have 20ppm nitrates that came over with rock...