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  1. Clownfish disease

    My frostbite clownfish is showing signs of a disease. After searching and reading several threads I think I've confused myself more so than finding an answer. I have in my QT: frostbite clownfish, flurry clownfish, coral beauty, 2 purple firefish, midas blenny. I'm on day 12 of the TTM and will...
  2. FS: iPhone 5s Verizon

    Selling my Verizon iPhone 5s 16gb (space gray) in real good condition. $250 Comes with case/box/charger and phone. Screen protector on front and back. Some fine scuffs near the speaker on the top from before I put a screen protector. Phone will be factory reset. PM me for questions or interest.
  3. Six flag ticket

    I have 1 ticket for six flag. Bought an extra one and didn't end up needing it. Yours to have for $35. Will be send by email as a PDF.
  4. Wtb chaeto or macro

    Anyone in Nassau, Long Island or Midtown, Manhattan who is trimming their macro or chaeto. Of like to start up my refugium. Let me know Thanks. Raj.
  5. FS/FT:80gl bow front tank with stand and sump

    For grabs is a 80 gallon Reef Ready Bow Front Tank with Stand. Its time to upgrade now and go larger/cube/rimless. I will take trade =/- cash difference. 1) Tank and Stand- $300$250 New price. Total height 5 feet tall. Tank: 80 gal bow front. LxWxH (48x18x26in), has few scratches. Currently...
  6. FS: 80gl bow front tank/stand/sump/light

    I haven't had the time to bring my setup back to life since the hurricane and now we are doing construction on our house in the coming week so I need to move this tank out. Items are listed in the order of which they have to be sold. If it isn't listed, it isn't for sale, since I will be using...
  7. need advice, lost everything.

    Its been 12 days now and I'm still out of power from Hurricane Sandy :mad: and there is no word from LIPA as to when I'll be getting it back. Unfortunately I've lost everything in my 80gal of three years, thousands gone. We had a generator which was running the heat in the house and my tank but...
  8. sump/fuge design

    I'd like some advice on a sump/fuge I plan on building. I bought a new 30gal 36x12x16 tank. I'm looking to replace a wet/dry setup. Here is what I thought of so far. Does the functionality work and make sense to go ahead with the design or should I be making changes? Current Tank: I have a...
  9. removing sump

    I need advice. I want to remove my wet/dry and replace it with a functional refugium/sump. Only problem I want to go with a sump that will not fit unless I remove the center brace. Since it is an established tank, I can't drain the tank to do so. Is it still possible to remove the center brace...
  10. WTB: tank/sump

    Anyone has a 30"x12" or 36"x12" empty tank or sump with baffles? Height can be anything from 12" to 16". Glass or acrylic, doesn't matter. Not looking for anything expensive or fancy, just something to get the job done.
  11. FS: XBOX 360 games

    Would like to sell these games, as I no longer have a 360. Games anywhere from $5 to $15, buy more and save. Pick up in 11554 Long Island, can meet in Jamaica Queens or Columbus Circle Manhattan on Mon and Wed. 2 Wireless Controllers (100% working condition, 1 has dog bite marks on the grip...
  12. LinkBack

    what is this new LinkBack? My email is getting flooded from all my subscribed thread. with the subject line of the email "New LinkBack to post (thread name)" Anyone else getting this?
  13. cloudy water

    well, my water turned cloudy since noon. It isn't really cloudy like when a tank is first setup but more like fog, not clear. I have two mexican turbos for over a year now. For the last day they haven't moved from the sand bed. Are they dead?, both at the exact same time? Are they cause of the...
  14. WTB: Interceptor

    I think I got redbugs from a recent tank breakdown where I bought a bunch of acros and frags. All my acro's are not showing PE and the acros' I got from his tank have tiny bugs. The birdsnest on the right has black dots. I'd like to control it before it gets worse. I can pick up on long island...
  15. FS: MP40w

    I have a used MP40w I want to sell. $300. Just got the wetside replaced, so you get a new wetside, has not seen water. Not the es version, but the second gen. Will trade for tunze of equal value. Pics to come if needed. Pickup in East Meadow, or can meet in the city on Mon or Wed.
  16. WTB: cree leds and hanging kit

    I need cree 6 XP-G R5 Cool White and 6 XP-E Royal Blue leds. I need 60 optics, either 55-80 degrees for the XP-G and XP-E leds Also hanging kits, to hang my fixture I made. Not looking to order from online, need asap
  17. rodi filters

    I need to change my filters on my system. Anyone who buys in bulk and would like to sell me a set. I need complete pre and post set: 1 Sediment 5micron, 1 granulated carbon 5micron, 1 coconut carbon 1micron, 1 inline polishing/taste filter, and enough di resin to fill up two 10" canisters.
  18. FS: iPhone 4 and Blackberry Torch 9800

    Apple iPhone 4 - $490 The AT&T iPhone 4 is 32gb. 9.8/10. Great Shape. Has been in a hard plastic case since day one with screen protector on the front and the back. The iPhone has not been jailbroken or unlocked, but can easily be carrier unlocked with a gevey sim card. Comes with phone, hard...
  19. FS: Transmission

    Not sure if there are any mechanics out there, but I have an automatic transmission for sale. We bought the wrong one and never made use of it. It came off a 2004 Chevy Malibu 3.5L with only 8,000 miles on it. Was told that the axle ratio is 3.29 (opt FR9). I will take $420 for it (obo). I...
  20. fs Digital Camera

    I have two digital camera's for sale. First up. Kodak Playsport Waterproof HD Digital and Video Camera 2" screen, 4x Digital Zoom, 5 MP, 1080P HD Video w/HDMI output connection, Waterproof up to 3 meters (10ft), using the H2O mode. White front and black back. Built strong. Good condition and...