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  1. For Sale Fritz RPM 200g salt mix

    $60 pick up @11229

    Like new still have the original box used for 5 months. Got to let this one go I upgraded to a 48”. This is the newest version with the blacking casing. Comes with 3 blue plus and 1 true actinic. $1200 pick up only.
  3. Inverts Carpet Anemone

    Let me know if you have one forsale
  4. FS: ATI LED hybrid 36" 4 bulb

    One side need new a ballast can be purchase @ BFS. Replaced all fan just need a new ballast for one side. Come with new hanging kit. $200 pick up at 11229.
  5. RPM salt

    Anyone know where is having a sale on RPM salt mix?
  6. Instant ocean salt

  7. JF Solar Flare Mille XL multi branch

  8. FS JB mushroom

  9. WTB: ORA Pearlberry

    Looking for a nice size frag. PM me if you got one.
  10. FS: MP40wQD

  11. Fs: Mp40wqd

    Mint $230 pick up in 11229. come with a holder for the controller.
  12. FS Radioactive branching hammer colony

  13. FS: New Caribsea LifeRock & MarcoRocks

    FS: New Caribsea LifeRock 40lbs box of Caribsea LifeRocks - $80 20lbs box of Caribsea LifeRocks Branch rock - $80 Just took out a few pieces to take a pic. Pick up only in 11229.
  14. Wtb: Mp40 qd

    Let me know if you got one.
  15. FS JB Mushroom bb

  16. FS: SPS Pack

    SOLD - Pick up at 11229 24k Millie Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Solar Flare
  17. FS Radioactive branching hammer

    $20 per head or $30 for two heads (cut to order) Pick up - 11229 No trade
  18. FS: JF Solar Flare Pink Lemonade & Eclectus Mushroom

    FS: JF Solar Flare Tyree Pink Lemonade & Eclectus Mushroom JF Solar Flare & Tyree Pink Lemonade frag pack - (SOLD) Eclectus Mushroom (SOLD) Not looking to trade Pickup in 11229 PM is key
  19. FS JF Solar Flare Mille Frag

    $70 - pick up only @ 11229
  20. Reach your stored private message quota???

    How can I clear that? I can't send private message. Deleted all my private message already.