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  1. 6 Fish Tank Lot + Instant Ocean 200 gallon Salt and Bucket

    6 Fish Tank Lot (15g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g) closed - sold
  2. 30 lbs Live Rock + BRS 2 Part Cal & Alk Package

    sold closed
  3. Two 3g Fish Tanks + Filters, Metal Halide Retrofit

    Two 3g Tanks + Metal Halides, Filters Hi there, have a few items that I am cleaning out. All tanks are scratch free and clean. :thrash: Selling all for $50 -JBJ 3gal Picotope Aquarium (Spray Painted Black back - just use razor blade to clean off - if you dont want it on) -Mr. Aqua 3gal...
  4. Free Tomato Clownfish !!! (Pickup - 11366)

    NO MORE :)
  5. FS: Tomato Clown $2 (Looking for new home)

    Hi - Have a really nice colored Tomato Clown Fish for Sale. $2.00 :eek: Just trying to find it a new home. Its around 2-2.5 inches (Had it for almost 6 months, he was by himself and was feed on spectrum foods and flakes) Pickup in Fresh Meadows, Queens 11366 (would like to find him a nice...
  6. WTB: 75g Stand - 48" x 18" x 20"

    Hi looking to buy a 75g Stand. Looking to upgrade my old stand. My tank is a standard All-glass 75g tank Can be used or new. Just looking for a nice deal. :grouphug:
  7. Team Fortress 2 - Anybody play this? Whats your Name?

    Does anybody else play this great game? I been playing this game for a while now... :biggrinpa Whats your steam ID? Maybe we can make a Manhattan reefs group :help:
  8. Low PH and ALK - Is this product good for raising them up?

    Hi my 55g tank has low PH and ALK. I currently change 5 gallons water every week (reef crystals) Temp: 79f PH: 7.8 Cal: 420 Dkh: 5 Salinity: 1.025 Is this a good item to raise my levels up...
  9. What Internet Service Provider do you use?

    Just wanted to know what Internet Service Provider do you guys/girls use. Thinking about switching my Cable isp (Earthlink - 10 Mbps down and .5 Mbps up) $41.95 a month Been going real slow lately at night (like 3 Mbps down) :irked: Was thinking about switching to Verizon FIOS (anybody...
  10. What happened to the Personal Avatars ?

    What happened to the Personal Avatars next to each person name? I had to switch over to a Pre-defined Generic Avatars. :irked: Just wanted to know if it was a site problem or something.
  11. Need 4x 48" T5 Bulbs for my Lighting - any SUGGESTIONS?

    Well its finally time to replace my 4x 48" T5 bulbs for my Current Nova Extreme. Currently its stock t5 bulbs (2x 10k and 2x 460nm actinics) Anyone have any good suggestions on the bulbs I should replace them with?:bablefish
  12. Fallenlordz 55g Reef Tank

    Never made a thread post about my tank with pics - thought I would start now :tongue1: Had this 55g tank setup a couple of months now - transferred everything over from my 20g long tank. (was originally a fresh water pleco breeding tank hehehehe) Here are the specs... (55g Tank) - Spray...
  13. FS: Dry - 60 lbs CaribSea Aragamax Sand

    closed - traded away
  14. Custom AIO 20g Tank w/ Nova Extreme T5

    SOLD - Thread Closed
  15. Insert Reducer Coupling Fitting

    Hi am looking for 2 Insert Reducer Coupling Fittings - 3/4in Insert x 1/2 inch Insert Some thing like this... (if anybody has this to spare :o) Thanks for looking!:bablefish
  16. CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand 15 lb

    Hi looking to buy a bag of CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand 15 lb Was hoping someone has a spare bag to sell.
  17. WTB: Different colored XENIAS

    Hi there - I was hoping somebody out there has frags of other different colored Xenias. I am really interested in expanding my Xenia coloration. :help: Love the flow and movements of these corals. Right now I have the pink/white colored ones - like these.... Thanks for looking!:chef: