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  1. Large Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

    Meteor Shower Cyphastrea large rock $275 shutting down tank. Also have show case corals. Morphed Miami hurricane it's more purple with very faint stripes, Jason fox jackolantern I'll post at a separate after I take pics.
  2. Selling whole system $15k

    Looking to sell all 3 tanks. 300 gallon starphire tank, 150 gallon custom frag tank, and 100 gallon. System is up and running too much to list call me if interested. 7187750070 UPDATE willing to work with sellers that can take a percentage of the sales, I dont have...
  3. Naming Corals

    If I have a coral that has morphed throughout the years do I have the right to name that coral, If so Im going to need help naming it. I had purchased a Miami Hurricane chalice years ago, color was a bit light I figured it was under too much tight. I know the MH chalice has a green base, mine...
  4. $425 Large Garf Bonsai

    Slowly taking down my tank. $425 pickup in Gerritsen beach.
  5. $550 large superman acro

    Slowly taking down my tank. Large superman acro, to all the pro reefers can easily be fragged and triple the price. Pictures do it no justice. $550
  6. Shutting down main tank

    I will post as I go. Baby on the way, breaking down main display. Corals rocks then fish. 4 rose bubble tip anemone on large rock $350. Started off with one and split to 8 within a year. Pickup Brooklyn 11229
  7. wtb 3 radion gen 3 pro power supply

    wtb 3 radion gen 3 pro power supply
  8. Corals for sale

    I have a bunch of corals all grown in my tank from frags. Water quality is great. All ORA or Jfox. Miami Hurricane $30-$40 very generous sizes Hollywood stunner $30-$40 limited quantity ORA Pearlberry $25-$30 ORA Pocillopora I believe its called pink&green $15-$50 have from small colonies to...
  9. chiller 1hp

    possibly looking to go with a chiller if the price is right. Please message me if you have a large chiller with the specs and price. Thank you
  10. Baby on the way

    Baby on the way I've been contemplating on getting rid of the whole setup for the past 6 months. $450 on electricity a month is kind of up there. Any suggestions
  11. Wtb coral box WiFi doser

    Want to buy coral box WiFi doser
  12. Mp10 wqd $200

    Used for about 6 months, I have no use for it. $200. Pickup Gerritsen Beach brooklyn
  13. Free acrylic sump and drilled tank

    Approximately 60 gallon drilled at the bottom with a 1.5 inch and 1 inch bulkhead. Also a 29 gallon aqueon tank 3 1 inch bulkheads on top. Used as a fuge and sump. Needs cleaning.
  14. Mushroom ID please

    Had it for ages don't know what they are. Takes forever to grow
  15. Whole frag rack

    All corals along with the egg crate. Annoyed by the algae growing on it. Includes Miami hurricane chalice (about 25 eyes)SOLD, sunset monti, Ora pearlberry, tri color acro, Ora purlple pocillopora sps colonySOLD, purple bonsai acroSOLD, everything in the pic except the zoas $125. Picture does no...
  16. Mushroom ID please

    Can some one Id these
  17. Newyorkreef algae scrubber brand new

    Brand new Newyorkreef algae scrubber $175 for a brand new scrubber. Works like a charm.
  18. ORA Pinkis yelllow and green Pocillopra colony

    $300 Large colony comes on a 5lb rock with zoas (not sure either toxic green or incredible hulk) and the incrusment of the red planet milli. Seeded all overy my tank no longer want it. Pics do it no justice for size or color
  19. WTB jaw droppers and homewreckers

    Wtb jaw droppers and homewreckers
  20. Tank ideas

    I recently purchased a 90 gallon deep blue tank from a mr member. I figured I would give it to a friend who left the hobby due to financial issues. He ended up not wanting it so I plumbed it to my existing 250 gallon system. Tank is running empty. I know you mother flowers are creative I need ideas.