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  1. 90g Fish tank for free

    Pls go pick up the fishtank at coral theory. Tank and stand and a hood . Take it
  2. Live rocks for sale .

    Still have 160lbs of live rocks left , $1per lbs . Pick up in bk coral theory . 2013885595
  3. What's left after a sudden moving

    2 x150w current MH brand new bulbs working perfectly 7 years old =$100 90gallon display tank RR 48x24x18= 90 dollars Stand =$20 Wingo LED light =$70 I paid 350 3 years old Return pump = 3500mph Heaters = 5 dollars each Pumps = 10 dollars each 5 available Live rocks $1 per lb . 180 lb...
  4. Selling everything moving to the west coast

    Selling everything , parting out , list coming soon Everything is at coral theory now . So let me know what u need go take it , but paypal : 2013885595
  5. moving to vegas sales

    spent over10k, selling everything for $1500 starting a project in vegas , its called Rock in Rio. im partnering with light group , therefore so im moving there to vegas so i need my tank gone ,asap chiller is not workin at the moment , need to be cleaned or something 120total water volume...
  6. need a new protein skimmer

    need a new protein skimmer, any thoughts , i had a SEDRA KSP3500, keep breaking down ,. sick of it .
  7. Fish tank for sale

    50 gallons non Reef ready tank selling it for $50 including tank hood and the metal stand great for a quarantine tank text me for pics 2013885595
  8. seahorse for sale

    i have a female seahorse for sale, i bought it for $80 but im asking $40, just trying to find a better home for her
  9. 7''GTBA for $20

    green tip bubble anemone sale its getting too big for my tank text me for pics 2013885595
  10. fish trap for sale

    brand new !! selling it for $30
  11. Lps and SPS for sale, good price

    i need to make room for my 90 g tank , so there r for sale : pic 1 $20 for3" pic 2 $20 pic3 $30 5''
  12. return pump failure

    i have to replace my return pumps every 2 years or so, i have a 90g , i dunno if thats normal . what do u guys use , i have been using quiet one 4000 by lifegard aquatic ... pls advise thanks
  13. frags for sales ,

    10 frags for $100, text me for more pics 2013885595
  14. corals for sales

    need to make room for my fish., 10 frags for $100
  15. Rims for sales

    Just got those rims for 2 months, new tires . I only have 3 of these, one got stolen ;( ... 22" . 305/40R22 5 logs , call me if ur interested 2013885595 .,$ 100 each rims and tires
  16. six line wrasse for sale .

  17. what a shame , im sure u guys all seen her before
  18. Sixline Wrasse for sale ..

    he getting too big, needs a new home. 2'' and fat, $25
  19. corals for sale .. way too packed >>>>cheap cheap cheap

    i have over 80 different types of SPS , let me know if u need any frags ,.fresh cut , whatever u want except for small ones, $15 each for 1'or bigger .bring ur own bucket , for pictures , please check out my last 2 sales posts .
  20. passing along informative Info

    : There's multiple deaths because people are using generators inside their homes due to the to carbon monoxide posion. Please use outdoors only!!!