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  1. Live Sand

    Hey guys quick question how many lbs of live sand will cover a 75 gl tank about an 1 1/2" high?
  2. Coral Banded shark

    My shark hatched today do i leave the egg in there or take it out i heard that you were supposed to leave it in there for a week
  3. About Clams?

    Im starting a 55 gallon LPS and softies tank would i be able to put clams in there after the tank is up and running for 6 to 9 months?
  4. How to cycle my new 55 gallon tank?

    Hey guys i just bought a 55 gallon tank i wanna start up a reef tank what do i need to get started and how to go about getting the tank cycling? Any input will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. New to Coral

    Hey everybody im new to the whole reef world, i have a 15 gallon tank and im running 2 compact florescent 65w bulbs what types of coral can i keep?
  6. WTB: Frogspawn, and Redsea Pulsing Xenias

    Looking for frogspawn and red sea pulsing xenias frags. Looking to buy today!
  7. Banded bamboo shark

    Hey guys i have a banded bamboo shark egg, i've had it for about 2 months now the yoke sack is about the size of a skittle how long do you think before it hatches?