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  1. WTB fish - fort lee NJ

    Anyone one have fish for sale that are under $10? I live around fort lee nj. Currently I only have one fish and she is a lonely gal. A new friend would be nice for her.
  2. Any NJ reefer have fish or sale?

    Hello everyone, anyone in NJ have live fish for sale? I am in northern NJ. I have a 36 gallon with live rock and salt water.
  3. Nemo for trade in nj

    I have a Nemo about inch and a half to trade for another fish. I am located in cliffside park nj.
  4. Clownfish dying? Help

    My clownfish has been swimming at the bottom of the tank. He looks really weak cuz he could barely swim with the fan on.
  5. Ocellaris eating ocellaris?

    This is a odd thing that just happened. I have 3 ocellaris fish in my fowlr tank. One small medium and large. One day one of the medium fish just gone missing. Do u think the small and large fish ate the medium fish? I removed all of my live rocks to see if he is stuck in between the rocks...
  6. WTB- Fire Shrimp

    Anyone has a fire shrimp for sale? I am located in fort lee nj.
  7. WTB - Protein Skimmer, Sump & Lights - Fort Lee NJ

    Hi I started a 36 gallon FOWLR bow tank about 4 months ago. here is a pic of my tank! I originally thought having a FOWLR tank is good enough but after having it for a while, i think coral would look much better and having the right lighting would be a lot better. So I...
  8. Want to buy - light for 36 gal bow tank

    Hello, anyone has a light fixture for a 36 gallon bow tank? I hear T5 lights are good? I live in fort lee nj area.
  9. Anyone has a Protein Skimmer?

    Anyone has a Protein Skimmer for sale? I am new to this hobby. Currently I have 40lb live rocks and 40 lb live sand. I want to start upgrading my tank to support soft corals. My friend said LPS would be suitable for me since its easy to maintain. I am going to try and make my own Sump and...
  10. Looking to Buy Clownfish (Nemo type)

    Hi, I am interested in buying a clownfish (nemo). Anyone selling one?