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  1. Trade Bounce for MP40QW or Gyre

    I have a very nice dime sized WWC OG Bounce with multiple vesicles orange / green and inbetween that I am looking to trade for an MP40QW new or lightly used or a GYRE Please contact me if interested.
  2. New York Aquarium video tour oldest operating aquarium in the USA

    Very nice. I'll have to visit at some point in 2020. Thank you for sharing.
  3. what is the PH safe range when dosing alk

    I would hold off on dosing until you have coral in there. The setup is new, thus the PH swings, so dosing anything is forcing a new system to deal with additional input.
  4. Video Tour of the Fall 2019 Frag Swap - Manhattan Reefs

    Hello Manhattan Reefers. I have posted a final video edit of the Fall 2019, Manhattan Reefs Frag swap at Pratt. The link is below, if you'd like to check it out. I did my best to include a bit of everything.. behind the scenes, short interview with Randy (thank you for taking the time to do...
  5. For Sale Brand new vectra m2 return pump fs

    Congrats on winning the Vectra. Hope you can recoup some cash.
  6. Trade Tunze Nano Stream for Coral

    Looking for controllable Tunze Nano Stream either 6040 / 6095 Lots of coral to choose from, high end and mid range. Just let me know what you are looking for. I can travel to Bronx / Yonkers / Westchester Thanks
  7. Looking for Frag Tank or Lowboy 2' x 2'

    Buy or Trade for nice coral, at the swap. I have room for 2x2, 3x2 Max. Message me a pic and price, if you have one available.
  8. Coral Frag Blow Out Sale Long Island

    Nice FTS
  9. WTB SPS frags.

    I have lots of that and full frag tank, if you'd like to drive up to take a look. I'm in New Hamburg, 12590. You can take the Metro North Hudson line straight to my front door. Message me if interested.
  10. WTB ORA Pearlberry, ORA Red Planet

    Looking for the original ORA Pearlberry and Red Planet acropora, for pickup at the Frag swap on the 17th. Also interested in Dendro's. If you have all 3, please reach out to me. Would prefer to trade, so let me know if you are looking for something in particular. I have lots of healthy LPS and...
  11. WTB JF Homewrecker and RR Orange Passion

    Looking for a $150-200 frag of JF Homewrecker and a $100 frag RR Orange Passion, to add to the display. Let me know if you are looking to make a quick sale or have both and are interested in trading for nickel sized OG Bounce. Thanks.
  12. WTB 2xBRS or Drews Dosers

    WTB 2 x BRS or Drews Dosers in good working and cosmetic condition. $75 for both
  13. Giant Coral on Rock Display Piece Trade for Vortech MP40

    This is a 10" display quality rock (on well aged BRS Tonga Branch) at the bottom a large deep green chili pepper montipora, with bright red polyps, also with a very rare variety of pink tipped psammocora at the top of the rock (very hard to find, even with google image search) and a small bright...
  14. WTB Aquarium Controller

    Used RK2 or RK lite, or something equivalent $75
  15. WTB Nice Stand for a 120 4'x24"

    Looking for a nice stand for a 120 gallon tank 4'x24" For a fair price
  16. 120 gallon 4' Reef Ready with Stand

    Looking to purchase a 120 gallon 4'x24x24 dual or single corner overflow. Ideally with stand, sump, return pump and plumbing for a fair deal.
  17. 48" 250 Watt Metal Halide t5 Combo Lighting

    Looking for a 48" fixture to go over a 90 gallon reef Hamilton Cebu Sun 48" 250 watt Metal Halide/T5HO Combo $300 is my budget
  18. WTB 90 Gallon RR with Stand / Sump

    Looking for a 90 Gallon AGA RR with corner overflow. No leaks. With nice stand, sump and if possible a canopy $250 Best if near Hudson Valley, but will drive