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  1. 60g Cube Package 4/Sale

    Hey guys, decided to break down my moms tank and part ways with it. 60g Cube Custom Stand Custom Sump $400 for the Package *** Will Not Break Package or Deliver*** Pickup in Harlem, NY Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. External Return Pump Help

    Hey guys, now that I have a basement to create a fish room. I wanted to know what external pump are you using/ reccomend? I'm looking for a pump with a max head 24ft + being how my display tank is going to be on the first floor.
  3. Metal Halide

    Anybody still using metal halides? Debating on should I continue to use my 400w's or go with something else. T5/ Hybrids
  4. Brick Brothers Is Back

    Hey guys, how everybody been? As some of yall may know I broke down my 300g 18mo ago due to me buying my first home in the poconos. Now that I'm all settle in, I've been preparing to setup my tank. Goal is to have it up and running by June. Heres a few pix of what I've been up too. Sent from my...
  5. 300g DD 4sale

    Hey guys. Long Time No Hear. Ive been busy with my move to PA. Now that I'm settled I ready to start back up again. This time going with a custom tank, So what that being said. I'm parting ways with my 300g DD. Tank in excellent condition. Still up and running. $1000 for Tank & Stand Only! Will...
  6. Taking A Break

    Hey guys. Im taking a break from the hobby. Im relocating and would like to start fresh. With that being said Im selling all my live stock and corals. Im keeping my Tank and All My Equipment. So with that being said heres a list of what fish I have. All fish been in my tank for more than yr most...
  7. Up 4 Adoption

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of relocating. I am putting my Pure Bread Shar-Pei up for adoption. No fees, Totally free to a Pet Friendly home. She's good with kids/ppl. She does NOT get along with cats but cool with other dogs once properly adjusted. For me info just send me a pm. Located in...
  8. WTB Treadmil

    Looking for a used treadmill so I can loose some lbs, lol. Let me know what you have. I can trade for sps corals or cash. What works for you.
  9. IC-GEL Frag Glue

    I was wondering when did this glue become so expensive ?
  10. Calcium Reactor Modification

    Just got a used calcium reactor but it doesnt have a port for a ph probe. So does anybody know where I can take the lid to get it modified for a ph probe?
  11. Pug Pups For Sale

    I have 3 Black Female Pug Pups for sale. They will be ready to go to a new home at the end of this month ( March ). The price is $700 FIRM. The pups will come with their first set of Vaccines and Immunization card. Pickup Location - Harlem, NY
  12. Losing Frags

    I dont know if its just me. But everytime I add a frag to my tank and its something that Ive been trying to get my hands on for awhile it ends up missing. Im like WTF. I think I might just have to keep them on a frag rack till it becomes a mini colony.
  13. Time For An Upgrade

    I have a 300g sps tank. I recently got a bigger sump and I'm thinking about adding additional fuge and frag tank to the system. I know my skimmer is not efficient enough for everything. So I wanted to see what skimmer yall Reefers is running with a 400g plus tank?
  14. What Yall Think

    Whats your input on this?
  15. WTB Power Head

    Looking for a used jebao wp25 or vortech mp10 for a 30g cube. No larger. LMK what you have.
  16. WTB Live Rock

    Looking for Live/ Dry Rock to fill a 30g. Looking to spend $1 per lb. Prefer big pieces.
  17. Ozone Help

    Hey guys I have some questions for all the ozone reefers. Im planing on using an ozotech with a skimmer. My question is can I get away with using this skimmer? I read that i need a carbon bag over the skimer water output but this skimmer doesnt have 1 like the Reef Octopus skimmers. Heres a pic...
  18. Wild SPS

    I used to buy wild caught mini colonies of sps at max reef when they was in yonkers for $25. Does anybody know of a reef store that sells sps mini colonies this cheap?
  19. WTB Cube Sump

    I have a 30g cube laying around And I'm thinking about putting it to use. Does anybody have a cube sump that they want to sell?
  20. WTB Millie Frags

    Looking for millie frags. I already have pink and green hairy millie. Anybody willing to frag hit me up. Thanks.