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  1. Any sales this weekend?

    I guess with this new Web format, vendors don't have a separate listing area? I haven't seen any vendors post much lately. Was wondering if anyone was having any good sales this holiday weekend
  2. For Sale White gold male ring

    14kt white gold men's band. Asking $100 or trade for coral #929-269-9234
  3. Coral OG bounce

    Asking 600 or possible trade for sps can meet possibly anywhere in NYC. #929-269-9234
  4. Question Shrimps/crabs

    Anyone seen sexy shrimps or pom pom crabs are any other cool Inverts in stores lately?
  5. For Sale Coral pack 4 sale

    Og bounce $275 Fancy xenia colony $35 Pink and golds Zoa colony $35 Galaxea colony 3x4 $80 Fat head metallic torch, pinkish tips $250 (Under white/under blue) Purple monster $20 5pack $500 929-269-9234
  6. Coral Aussie gold

    Nice fat head of Aussie gold ....priced for a quick sale!!!! $285 Pickup in bk or the city, #929-269-9234
  7. Equipment Custom XL sump/skimmer/fragbin

    Brand New huge custom heavy duty sump w 4 Chambers and holds 3 socks. Measurements are 48x24x 19H, holds approx 100 gals for up to 500 gal systems. $450 Used EShopps cone skimmer rated for 400 gallons. $250 Frag bin 100g 53x53x13, new non-drilled $200 Discount for all 3, P/U IN BK #929-269-9234
  8. Equipment WTB huge sump/skimmer

    Looking for a sump that's at least can hold 40g and up. Also need a skinmer. This is for a 200g tank Text offers 929-269-9234
  9. For Sale Aussie gold torch

    ***$350 takes it .. p/u in Brooklyn or Meetup in the city
  10. Coral OG Rasta TORCHES

    (3) available :::: **price drop $150ea
  11. For Sale Large head of Aussie gold

    I fragged this about a week and a half ago...from a healthy colony. Opens up to about 3 in skeleton is over an inch and a half wide. Asking $300 OBO Can me anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan, text 929-269-9234 Text for fotos
  12. Coral Torch pack

    Posting for a friend *** (4) torch pack:: Almost 3 heads Aussie gold 2 head blue tip 3 head yellow tip 1 Indo ultra green $800 obo text 929-926-9234 for fotos
  13. For Sale Red Dragon FLOWERHORN

    Hey all!!! I know this may not belong In. This forum ...just throwing this out there..have this gorgeous grade A red dragon FLOWERHORN I have had for a few years....looking for $400 OBO or trade for fish or corals...this guy is a gem!!! 8" 929-269-9234
  14. Coral Torch 2pk

    Ultra Indo green + Rasta torch $300 pick up in Brooklyn but can meet in Manhattan #929-296-9234
  15. For Trade Looking 2 trade torches

    I have a 3pk of torches I would like to trade for a large og bounce... 2head Aussie gold Ultra Indo green TSA rasta **Some Files are too large to post, pm me for images...rasta below
  16. Frag rack clearance

    This is what's left of my Frag tank, take all listed for $700 obo (Photos are apparently too large to post, text 929-269-9234) Sunset plate (yellow on orange) $100 Emeralds on fire 40+p $125 Sunny D's 14p ,$50 Rainbow infusions 10p $60 FruitLoops 6p $30 Mango infusions 8-15p $20-30 Everlasting...
  17. For Sale 39watt uv sterilizer

    Looking to trade for any cool coral...or $100 Can meet in BK or the city 929-269-9234
  18. Tank Nuvo 40 package

    Nuvo40, less than a year old, no scratches!! IM reactor Red devil skimmer(best nano skimmer around) Phizon led fixture Everything you need
  19. Wtb red btas

    Text me if you have any large or huge red btas 9292699234
  20. Corals for sale

    Everything for sale ::: Giant red euphylia 7"(unique red) $300 Emeralds on fire 50+p $150 now $100 Twizzlers 30+p $70 now 50 Og bounces, 2 on a rock 3"+2" for $1200 now 1k (for 2) Assorted zoas on rack $30-80 Acid green + ultra rainbow nem for $200 sold Pink tip elegane Aussie pc $60 Huge green...