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  1. Just want out 4/s IM 30 gal all in 1

    Puck up only Comes with Max razor led Also have t5 Also have metal halide Mini reactor Tank Stand Live rocks A long nose hog fish B/w clown 2.5 inch 3 strawberry crabs reef safe not wrasse safe they killed 4 wrasses while they slept Big rbta 10 inches Text me $250 firm Everything is...
  2. WTB 1.5 inch or bigger B&W clown

    My female died and now my male is lonely he is 3 inches so I need a very large female or 1.5 med black and white and I hope the male will turn female Please let me know
  3. WTB baseball size or bigger BTA

    Like I said preferr rose,rainbow but will settle for green let me know what you have
  4. WTB 24" t5

    Like title says looking for 24 inch T5 light let me know who has what
  5. 4/s im 30

    Pick up in 10994 iM 30 with stand with lid Max razor 420r IM skimmer Heater 2 mated snow flake clowns app 2.5 inches each hosting 3 inch yellow tang 4 bta 3 green 1 red Green cabbage leather Plus inc Xenia 40 ponds live rock Currently up and running Have algy growing on rocks just...
  6. Small Aussie tusk 4/sale

    Bought from pop coral for $200 will sell for best offer over $100 Healthy eats everything In Rockland by TZ bridge pm me phone number for pics would say 2.5 inches He needs a bigger tank so time to let go
  7. GBTA trade for small yellow tang

    Both of my GBTA just split will sell for $50 or trade for a small yellow tang Pm phone number and I can text pictures All are app 4 inches when open
  8. WTB small yellow tang

    Looking for small to med yellow tang close to Rockland from an established tank That's all Thanks
  9. WTB pair of black & white clowns

    Looking for black and white clowns with no orange in them
  10. WTB big rbta

    Looking for a big 6 inches or bigger of a BTA rainbow, rose, green what you got
  11. 4/S maroons gold stripe clown pair

    Female about 3 1/2 Male about 3 Both eat anything. They host my rbta Healthy and fat Have laid eggs in past $125
  12. Wtb green nepthlia /red monti /sm colt

    Please looking for sm. 3inch pices of list above Sorry red monti plate And li is too far I'm by TZ bridge Thank you
  13. Rest of equipment for sale in Rockland

    Have 2 ai sol blue lights will need 1 new transformer $325 25 watt aqua uv bulb 1 month old $100 2 2 little fish reactors $10 each Can't sell to tank is gone in one week
  14. Live stock for sale in Rockland

    sold tank Needs to sell Live rock app 50 lbs $75 2/3 inch purple tang $75 2/3 inch sail fin tang $65 2 engineer gobies $20 for both 2 paired reg clowns 2ninches $15 Pair of Picasso 2 inches $50 Heniokus 3 inches $35 4/5 inch austrilan tusk $200 Assorted buble/hammer a green nepthlia any...
  15. F/s 3 ai sol blue with a catch

    I have working ai sol blue All white but 2 cases were painted black 3 lights work old knob controller(6 month old ) lights are 2 years old never above 65% Have all cables Now the bad 2 transformers got wet and are no good So all 3 lights and controller work 1 transformer work and 2 don't...
  16. Dry rock for sale

    When I broke down my 220 I have app 100 pounds of rock left over Could be more or drop less will sell for $1 a pound
  17. 4/sale 16gal IM all in one tank

    As title says 6 month old 16 gal IM all in one tank for sale Comes with heater and 4 clip on 8 watt LEDs mag cleaner Asking $250 has live rock included and live sand still running Pm me for pic I can text or email them
  18. Wtb mated/bonded pair of gold flake maroon clowns

    Like said looking to buy gold flake maroon clownfish please pm me
  19. F/s or f/ 30 gal rimless rr with stand

    Have a 30 gal rr with stand for sale in 10994 Pm your phone # I have pic on phone Will trade for a all in one 12 gal or bigger sell for $150 obo
  20. 93 corner RR set up for sale

    93 corner with black stand 2 ai sol light one needs a transformer $50 online Sump with 7 inch sock many new socks included Aqua uv 25 watt with new bulb just installed 2 LF reactors extra carbon and posban Protein skimmer External blue line pump with a brand new spare Still up and running...