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  1. Flash sale / or trade 72 gallon bow front

    Yes text me 407-929-3285
  2. Kent Marine RODI osmosis w/ tds meter

    $125 takes home a Kent RODI reverse osmosis machine with tds meter ... text me as I don’t check this app much 407-929-3285
  3. Live stock for sale storm clowns / tangs

    Mods please close sold today
  4. Aqua illuminations AI Nero 5 wavemaker

    Like new with box $225 , trade for higher end lights Ecotech radions or AI
  5. Aquamaxx FC-80 skimmer

    Broke down my 72 gallon bow front .... paring out ... $135 for skimmer
  6. Equipment KESSIL PACKAGE DEAL $400

    Trade you a 72 gallon bow front set up for it
  7. Lighting Ecotech Radion XR30w G3 Pro Package

    Trade you a 72 gallon bow front tank for it ... tank stand sump
  8. Red sea reefer 170

    Trade you a 72 gallon bow front
  9. Flash sale / or trade 72 gallon bow front

    This am I sold all my fish corals & live rock ... I’m left with a 72 gallon bow front drilled . 30 gallon sump . Marine orbit led , and aquamaxx ( aqua Maxx ) protein skimmer ... $500 for everything , or $250 for tank stand and sump , open to trades for a Red Sea max , or another tank bigger...
  10. moving sale / 72 gallon bow front

    I can break it up or give a good deal for complete 72 gallon bow front tank & stand lights sump skimmer , return pump , lid & marine orbit led lights with control all for $500 $600 with rocks , $800 with Clowns , black storm pair , purple tang , Blue hippo tang , flasher wrasse Jaime...
  11. Live stock for sale storm clowns / tangs

    All live stock must go , due to a move ... black Storm bonded pair / large purple tang / blue hippo ... all fat and healthy and eat everything... $400 takes it all and I’ll throw in a large rock with RBTA and anemone Text for pics and video
  12. Black black Storm / mocha storm bonded pair

    $225 bonded pair of storms , female is black , male is mocha ... Healthy and host RBTA I’ll throw in the anemone and a huge rock with xenia and over 30 heads of mushrooms for $350 .... moving sale so I have a 72 gallon bow front and livestock needs to go first 407-929-3285 text I don’t check...
  13. 72 gallon bow front complete

    $1000 obo ...
  14. 72 gallon bow front complete

    72 gallon bow front tank . Due to a move in December I need to break this down prefer to sell whole but may entertain busting it up. Marine orbit led , glass lid , live rock @ 75 pounds , sand , 30 gallon sump , sump led , protein skimmer , Livestock includes pair of clowns hosting RBTA ...
  15. hydor koralia nano / 2 barely used pumps

    I have 2 of these I used for maybe a week ... $50 obo pick up Astoria only or trade for an anemone RBTA
  16. 72 gallon Bow front ... complete / or part out

    Breaking it down , to up grade ... live rock , and live stock first ... then tank , sump skimmer , led lights , lid , protein skimmer not trying to sell one fish at a time ... take them all and I?ll cut you a deal. Purple tang , hippo tang , 2 anthias , cleaner wrasse flasher wrasse , RBTA ...
  17. spotcinctus clownfish Pair hosting carpet anemone

    I have a nice pair of spotcinctus clownfish pair . Female is super large and male is smaller. Been with me for over 1.5 years and hosted my carpet anemone after just 2 days I. The tank. Fat and eat everything.... $80 for the pair OBO ... does not come with anemone.
  18. Clownfish Pair BLack Ice / Frostbite

    I have had these over 1.5 years in my system ... big female is extreme black snowflake over 3 inches and smaller male is a frostbite @ 2.5 inches ... both fat healthy and host my anemone and Xenia. $150 for the pair or will trade for black storms. 407-929-3285 for faster response ...