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  1. Tank Frag tank

    Hey all, I have a glass frag tank with corner overflow and 40breeder sump for sale. 48x24x12" It has a wooden stand that's fine but needs a paint job. $75 takes it pick up in south Huntington. Thanks
  2. Coral Acros and torch/frogspawn

    Hey all, I have a few things for sale. Pick up in south Huntington. RRC Pink Cadi both fully encrusted - $50each Green torch - $40 a head Octopus frogspawn - $20 a head Fresh cuts: Oregon tort- $60 Garf bonsai- $30 RR Orange Passion- $60 Thanks for looking.
  3. Moving sale

    Posting for a friend. They're moving and trying sell everything off. Everything holds water but probably needs to be cleaned. Pick up is in Bethpage and contact 2x 200watt heaters - $10 120 gal and fluval canister - $75 20 long with all the accessories- $75 2x 29 gallon...
  4. Acro sale

    Hey all, have a bunch of things that have been cut for a while and ready for new homes. Pick up in south Huntington. RRC Pink Cadi $100 the small ones are sold. The $100 is beefy JF Flame sold Oregon tort $80 fully encrusted Orange passion $80 WWC pink panther both sold Thanks for looking.
  5. Acro pack

    The pack has been cut for a while and healed nicely. The pack: JF Flame RRC Pink Cadi Oregon tort RR Orange Passion $250 for the pack pick up in South Huntington
  6. Some sps for sale

    Hey all, I have some sps for sale. Oregon tort all encrusted $60 Rrc pink cadi $100, $120 Fox flame $120 Pick up by Whitman mall. Sorry pictures are sideways. Taken under t5s day lights and blues with orange filter
  7. RRC Pink Cadillac

    I have 2 frags of RRC Pink Cadi. $100ea Pick up in South Huntington. Thanks for looking
  8. End of summer frag rack clean out

    Hey everyone, tons of frags on the rack that need to go to new homes. Jf flame encrusting mini colony 100!!! Jf flame encrusted frags SOLD Oregon tort encrusting 60 One Left Pearlberry 30, 45, some gone RR orange passion sold Cali tort 30 Pick up in south Huntington by the Whitman mall. As...
  9. SPS for sale

    RR orange passion encrusted and awesome SOLD, SOLD $125 JF flame $75 Cali tort $20+ I can also cut the Oregon Tort, rrc pink cadi Pick up in south Huntington
  10. 75 gal RR

    Hey guys, so my 75 off center RR tank is empty and wants a new home. The tank is used, no major scratches (or any visible to me for that matter). Back is painted black comes with a metal stand. Just need help getting it out of the house $150 pick up in Bethpage. Thanks
  11. Frag tank is packed again

    Hey MR I have a lot of stuff in the frag tank right now most are encrusted and everything is colorful and healthy. Pick up in bethpage, PayPal to hold. Rr op 80, 100 and up encrusted Rr the vihn 100 encrusted multi Pc superman fully encrusted 50, 70, 80 120 super colorful Cali tort 30 Tyree...
  12. Rideit's 180 SPS Tank

    A couple of friends and members here know that my 75 gallon sps tank is coming down. It has been a roller coaster of fun and love and of course frustration over the past few years as my first real reef tank, but it has come time to move on to bigger and hopefully better things. Thanks to who...
  13. SPS frag pack and more

    Hey everyone, the frag tank is overflowing with color. I have a lot of stuff that has been cut and is encrusted. Pictures will be added later Pack for 2 Left $150ea: PC Superman (fully encrusted), Cunars blue lagoon, Cali Tort, PC Rainbow, ORA Frogskin, ORA Borealis, CITR Red Dragon RR OP...
  14. SPS/Zoas

    Hey guys, I have a good amount of frags healed and ready to go! Pick up in Bethpage and I can text more pictures if you need or have any questions. As always, thanks for looking. I have 2x Sunny D colonies for sale -mini colony $80 -Large colony $175 I have 2x large armor of god colonies...
  15. Spring Cleaning

    Spring Sales!!!. Paypal to hold/pick up in Bethpage. The frags are priced to move fast. Colony pics are mine and are just for example. PC Superman A- SOLD B- SOLD C- $50 D- SOLD E- $50 PC Rainbow F- SOLD RR OP G- $140 H- $180 I- $150 (Not Pictured) I have HUGE 2"-3"+ frags of Cunars blue...
  16. My Frag Tank is PACKED!

    So I recently set up a frag tank and have some costs to offset (and some plans for future expenses) so I went a little crazy with the clippers. Pick up is in Bethpage and I should be free all next week. I have multiple cuts of pretty much all and can cut more/make packs for people who want...
  17. Chunky SPS Packs

    Hey guys so I made a couple sps frag packs that include: ORA Frogskin PC Rainbow Wazowski Tenuis Cunars Blue Lagoon Citr Red Dragon The packs are colorful, chunky and PRICE DROP $120. The red dragon and cunars blue lagoon are hard for me to get a good picture of but I will do my best. Pick...
  18. WTB Frag Tank / Stand

    As the title says, I'm looking for a frag tank (preferably with the stand) I would like it to have an overflow instead of an AIO because I plan to plumb it into my display however if its an acrylic tank or a very nice set up I may still be interested. between 24" and 36" long please. If...
  19. SPS for sale

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of frags ready to go and a bunch more that I can make. 2x huge Oregon Torts Fully encrusted - SOLD 2x RR Orange Passion Encrusted - $200ea Acid Trip Millie - $120 can cut: cali tort - $40/in+ PC Superman - $100 PC Rainbow - $50 Cunars Blue Lagoon - $60 ORA Borealis -...
  20. CITR Red Dragon

    Original CITR Red Dragon frags from $20 and on up depending on how big. Pick up in Bethpage