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  1. For Sale $70 Large Hollywood Stunner Chalice

    Price reduced to $70
  2. Pygmy Seahorses!

  3. Pygmy Seahorses!

    Someone is supposed to come today to get these. They plan to breed them, so they may have some for sale soon; for all of you that were interested.
  4. Pygmy Seahorses!

    One of the dads just gave birth!
  5. Pygmy Seahorses!

    I have 6 pygmy seahorses for sale, $30 for all of them. All are healthy and eating baby brine shrimp. Pick up in Brooklyn, 11230.
  6. For Sale $70 Large Hollywood Stunner Chalice

    Price drop: $75 :)
  7. PRESTIGE AQUATICS OPEN 12-6 sat n sun

    Great shop!
  8. For Sale $70 Large Hollywood Stunner Chalice

    Fellow reefers, I'm selling my 6" by 10" Hollywood Stunner Chalice to make way for new sps. Bring a bucket at least half full of salt water for transport. I'll be keeping the inch or so piece that is stuck to the rear glass. $100, pick up only. Will consider trade for a "TSA Sour Patch" or...
  9. Were you affected by the power outages? Tips?

    Hello fellow reefers, whenever I hear of another power outage I wonder how it might be affecting someone's fish or corals. Were you affected by the recent outages in Manhattan or Staten Island? Were you ready? This is a good opportunity to emphasize that we should be ready for the worst. What...
  10. Acropora ID needed

    Hello folks! From my roaming about the web, the closest I can find to this is acropora sarmentosa. Could anyone confirm or correct this? If you have experience keeping this coral, I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks!
  11. Frag sale: Hollywood stunner chalice and Kenyan Tree

    Hello fellow reefers, I have 6 Hollywood Stunner Chalice frags (1/2 - 1") that have healed and been growing well plus extending tentacles, as well as 4 Kenyan Trees that open to 1.5 to 2" for sale. $15 each or $20 for two Blue Mushroom for $10
  12. Grimace Bounce Mushroom

    Selling a vibrant purple with toxic green bubbles, +1" Grimace Bounce Mushrooms. Similar to a Bio-hazard bounce, but the body is deeper purple, and this one has an alternating neon green and light purple fringe (see closeup). $200 Pickup in 11230, Brooklyn
  13. Green Anemone and LARGE GSP

    LARGE GSP, Green Anemone(sold) Hi folks! SOLD My green anemone split so I'm selling one of the clones, $20. Pic shows it in an isolation box. I also have a LARGE patch of GSP growing on the sand floor that is plating/growing lobes. Current size is 8x12" and I'd be willing to part out up to half...
  14. Help! Sick maroon clown

    Hello folks! I just added 3 tangs and one foxface to my mixed reef tank after quarantine. After two weeks of being in the DT, they are all very healthy and despite the odd raising of hackles or a dart around the tank, everyone seems to be getting along. However, I wonder if they may have injured...
  15. ID needed on nuisance algae

    This brown, furry algae has started to grow like a weed. Any idea of what it's called? Nutrients are already very low, so lowering them more is not a suitable solution. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Vayssierea felis nudibranchs wanted

    Does anyone have these reddish-orange nudibranch that eat spirorbid worms? My wife has gotten a tank of her own, but is considering shutting it down due to spirorbid worms. Thanks, fellow reefers! Benjamin
  17. New, Unopened Magnesium Pro Test kit $27

    Red Sea brand, regular $35
  18. Triton Boron and Strontium

    New, Unopened 1000 ml Boron $20 (regular $32) 1000 ml Strontium $30 (regular $45) Pickup in 11230 On a similar note, is there interest having a central repository or swapping arrangement for these additives? Or selling by the ml? Many times the dosing recommendations from Triton are one-time...
  19. Magnificent Foxface

    4.5 inch fat and healthy with excellent coloration. Good personality (BFF with my copperband) and eats whatever it is fed but I've been giving it mostly PE Mysis and Nori. He started nibbling at my large purple gorgonian so I had to choose between the two. Asking $110 Pickup in 11230