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  1. Equipment for sale!

    Vortec MP-10 ES non-wireless - $135 - Used for 6 months. Works great. Tunze Osmolator 5017 - $135 - I used this for two weeks before I sold my tank. Its brand new and works great. Jebao Wave Maker Pump WP40 - $60 - Used for 6 months. This thing is a beast. Great condition. I am selling all...
  2. Anyone ever Scuba in Aruba/Curacao?

    I am going there this summer and was wondering if anyone has been there and can give any travel advice, cool places for snorkeling/scuba dives? Anything really!
  3. F/S - Deep Blue 120g Tank/Stand/Sump

    I have a Deep Blue 120 Gallon with two over flows, bulk heads, screen tops for sale. Aquarium: L 48" x W 24" x H 24" Also, the Stand and Sump come with it. The Stand is 38"x49". The Sump is a standard 40g tank with baffles. So it is divided into three sections. All items were used 5 months...
  4. I'm out!

    I am moving upstate and sadly will not be in the area of MR any longer. I had to shut down my tank and I will be taking a long break from salt water life. Id just like to thank you guys for the knowledge and help this forum brings to people in the hobby. I will be lurking once in awhile, but...
  5. FS: GFO Reactors / GFO&Carbon Media

    (2) - Two Little Fish 150 GFO Reactors - $20ea (1) BRS Dual GFO/Carbon Reactor WITH Pump - $40 (1) 90% full BRS Activated Lignite Carbon (small) 1 Gallon size - $15 (1) 90% full BRS Bulk GFO 2LBS - $15 (2) BRS 2 Part Doser - 1.1ml per minute - $45ea Pickup 11238 Shipped ($15 extra)
  6. 20 Gallon RODI Storage Tank and RKL + Addons

    Storage Tank Sold. AI Sol Mounting Rails 24" - $15 Reef Keeper Lite (RKL), Net Module, SL1 Module, 2x PC4 Modules, 2x Temp Probe - Used for 3 months - $150 Pickup 11238
  7. FS: Pumps, Heaters, Fish Trap

    PRICE DROP! I HAVE TWO MAG5s Selling these items. If you have any questions, let me know. Pick up only - 11238 Maxi-Jet 400 Pump - $5 Aquaclear 70 Pump - $10 Mag Pump Model 5 - $10 AquaMedic Fish Trap (6x6x8) - $35
  8. DAS EX I Re-Circ Skimmer

    $50 Ive been using it for two years with no issues. Amazing skimmer. You need to run it in-sump due to a tiny crack on the body, but nothing you cant fix with acrylic cement. Comes with pumps. Pickup 11238
  9. FS: 3x Sol Blue Aqua Illumination LED + Controller

    PRICE REDUCED AI SOL BLUE - $225 EACH I have 3 Sol Blue AIs for sale. They are one year old. I have two with white housing and one with a black housing. All wires included. I also have a 24" and 48" mounting rail kit for sale. Let me know if you are interested. SHIPPING - $25 each with...
  10. FS: 32g Brute bucket/Dolly w/ 50lb LR

    $75 32G Brute bucket with wheels, and 50lb of semi-cured LR KEY LARGO (bought from inside. Not parting it, come take the whole thing. Pickup Crown Heights Paypal/Cash Only
  11. Fire sale - coral - must go today!

    I need to break down my tank this weekend. All of this needs to be picked up today or tomorrow at the latest. If you need to come by Monday, this sale is not for you. Everything is priced basically free. Blue Max Clam 4-5" - $15 -SOLD Blue Gorgonian Sea Fan - $15 - SOLD Finger Leather - $10...
  12. WTB: Anemomes

    Looking for RBTA, Sebae, other. No Carpets. Let me know.
  13. CPU / Motherboard Combo

    $150 - OBO Selling: AMD FX-8150 Zambezi 3.6GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Desktop Processor FD8150FRGUBOX CPU ASUS Crosshair V Formula AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Gaming Motherboard with 3-Way SLI/CrossFireX Support and UEFI BIOS Have been used for 5 months. Comes with...
  14. Wireless Webcam Suggestions for Tank

    Looking to get a wireless camera for viewing of my tank. Read a lot about the D-Links and such but havent found anything worth while that pan/tilts and has night vision. Suggestions? Also, to those that have cams on their tanks, how does the blue LEDs effect the color? I know they make take...
  15. F/S - Equipment Sale

    CRAZY PRICE DROP! OR BEST OFFER Aqua Medic Reefdoser Dosing Pump - $60 Mag Drive 5 - $35 AI Sol Mounting Rails 24" - $15 Reef Keeper Lite (RKL), Net Module, SL1 Module, 2x PC4 Modules, 2x Temp Probe - $200 Pickup 11238
  16. usercp.php is down.

    Please fix the user CP... I need to change my cat sig to another cat and/or bf3 sig. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: thanks!
  17. FS: 20g Brute Bucket w/ Top - $10

    I used this for water changes only. $10 pickup 11238
  18. FS: Key Largo Live Rock $1.50 a pound

    I brought down my 40g and have about 50 pounds on 2 year old mature live rock. I also have live sand from the same two year old tank. $20 for the lot of it. Pickup is 11238. Bring a bucket.
  19. Mini Carpet Anemone FIRE... SALE!

    I need these gone ASAP. $10 each pickup tonight! The whole lot of 10-15 for $50!!! I have more than what is posted in the pics, but they are all pretty much the same as the ones pictured. DEAL: If you pick up 6/21/13 OR 6/22/13 they will be $10 each. After is $15. They don't split (in two...
  20. DAS EX-2 Skimmer Depth

    They dont make these anymore, so information is hard to find. anyone run one of these and know what the proper depth is? I am running it in sump since the pumps leak.