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  1. 12g JBJ Nano Cube & Stand

    "Intank" Media Basket, pump and heater included. No hood or lights. Minor scratches but in good overall condition.... $70 Email only @
  2. Anyone still use this stuff?

    Anybody still use this stuff? If anybody can use these items, name your price and pick it up ASAP. Will ship at your expense. Supplements and food are free with any purchase. NO PM's... Reply on this thread or email @ Pick up is @ the BX. 10469.
  3. - Free lights & new ATO -

    Oh well.... Pick ups fell through. Post up here. I will not be checking messages... Free. Pick up only:
  4. - Garage Cleaning. Name your price -

    Post up here... I will not be checking messages Never used Double Sensor Auto Top Off with used mini pump Aqua Medic 150MH Sunpark 150 MH ballast 50/50 Power Compact As pictured. More to come....
  5. - Refractometer, ATO & Mag 5 pump -

    Drs. Foster and Smith Refractometer: Near new condition - $25 Double sensor ATO (New) with used pump - $30 Mag 5 pump - SOLD
  6. - Nikon D50 camera body -

    In 100% working condition... I'd recommend a sensor cleaning though. Includes battery, charger & bag. $125
  7. LG 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner -

    $160 Used 1 day.....Comes as new, in box with everything included. LP0813WNR
  8. - Spring Cleaning: Gary Fisher Mountain bike & Tony Hawk Boy's BMX -

    Spring cleaning:) Gary Fisher Joshua XO MTB: Excellent condition. Some cosmetic flaws due to it's age, but nothing major. Frame size is Meduim. Tuned up & ready to go. $300 Tony Hawk Sypher 18 inch BMX: Excellent condition. 1 front peg is missing. Son grew out of it...
  9. - Solana 34 gallon set up -

    Current USA Solana 34 gallon & stand. Some minor scratches towards the lower area. Pump & skimmer included. $200 Light not included.... Will be ready once the current freshwater livestock is re-homed.
  10. - Freshwater Fish, Live Plants, Floramax substrate -

    $50 for all: (2) Denison Barbs (1) Kribensis Cichlid (female) (3) Cory Cats (2) Otocinclus Catfish (2) Angel Fish (2) Red Tailed Rasboras (2) Platy (1) Gold Pristella Tetra (2) Neon Tetra (2) 24k Gold Tetra (1) White Cloud (1) Glowlight Tetra All fish are 100% healthy. No diseases, no...
  11. - Free: Freshwater Tetras & Danios -

    (2) Black Skirt Tetra (2) Red Minor Tetra (2) Neon Tetra (5) Zebra Danio (2 longfin) (1) Blue Longfin Danio All 100% healthy
  12. Graphic designer on the site?

    Looking to have a logo created.... Anyone know of a local place or know someone willing to do the work? Hit me up with details... Thanks:)
  13. - F/S: Refractometer -

    Refractometer - $30
  14. - F/S: Reef & Fish books -

    Package deal for $60: - The Reef Aquarium - Vol 1 & 3 - (Hardcover) - J. Charles Delbeek & Julian Sprung - Aquarium Corals (Softcover) - Eric Bornem - Dr. Burgess' Mini Atlas Of Marine Aquarium Fish (Hardcover) - The Nano-Reef Handbook (Hardcover) - CR Brightwell - The New Marine...
  15. Vornado 735 Air Circulator

    Only used a few times. $50
  16. WTB: Metal Stands

    For 10 - 40 gals. Thanks!
  17. - Auction Teaser -

    The list is not definite on which will be auctioned or raffled off...but either way, members are going to be getting some SWEET pieces. Thanks to all the donors!!! SM Cooler - Area 51 Chalice Frag Express - Mummy Eye Chalice: Reef Creations - 40 head Aussie Favia Saltwater...
  18. - F/S: 150g jar of Phosban -

  19. - F/S: Leather colony with rock -

    Last piece F/S & the tank is a wrap. Mounted on a nice size piece of rock. Has a baby Yellow Figi leather you can see right behind it & also has some mini Blue cloves. $30 Tyree / Ric / Clove frag to the right is not included. Bring a bucket!
  20. Pacquiao vs Clottey @ PLAY - 3/13

    Hope it's cool with Thane that I post this. I'm sure he will follow up with full details.... :Pacquiao vs Clottey Link: Come join us!:cheers: PS: Same spot for me Thane;)