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  1. Eheim auto feeder 4/s

    Eheim auto feeder in working order.f/s. asking 20$ pick up on SI, Bklyn(Bayridge) or lower Manhattan( by NYSE)
  2. Current light fixture 4/s

    20 inch current 40w light fixture in excellent working condition. Great for refugium. Asking 20$ pick up on SI, Bklyn(Bayridge) or lower Manhattan(by NYSE).
  3. Filter socks for sale

    SOLD !!!!!!! Even at 20$ I had people flake out. WTF!!!!!
  4. Auto Top Off for sale

    SOLD!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your interest Auto top off for sale 40$ <<<<<<<PRICE DROP Used for 2 only months after my jbj auto top off crapped out and then I ripped down my tank Pick up local SI/evenings Bklyn weekdays in morning/evenings Lower Manhattan weekdays Can also meet LI members at...
  5. JBJ auto top off for sale

  6. Official Retirement Notice!!!

    Well it's official and now I can actually say I'm a retired reefer!!!! :splitspin It took about a year but all the livestock is sold and the tank is finally torn down. I had a good run but it really is time to go. I met alot of great people and learned alot from this site and it's members...
  7. Frags 4/s

    ALL FRAGS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :splitspin :D
  8. Float and automatic shutoff valve kit 4/s

    I have this float and automatic shutoff valve kit for sale. Brand new!!! This has never been used. Kit comes with: Float valve Automatic shutoff valve Check Valve Tubing Installation instructions Asking 20$ Pick up local SI/evenings Bklyn weekdays in morning/evenings Lower Manhattan...
  9. R0 faucet adapter f/s

    Brand new never used 10$ Pick up local SI/evenings Bklyn weekdays in morning/evenings Lower Manhattan weekedays
  10. Slama's Watermelon frags for sale

    This chalice needs no introduction as it is a Manhattan Reefs Classic(unless you are a newbie). <<< You have seen it in the Coral Database section and now after 4 years I have fragged this rare beauty for the...
  11. Jimmy Cigars Orange Sherbert Frags

    I have two Jimmy Cigars Orange Sherbert Frags for sale. This is a true collectors piece. Obtained from member "Nellahtes" from Illinois over on R2R. Here is a link to pics of the mother colony it came from This...
  12. True Mycedium Robokaki frag for sale

    I have a real deal Mycedium Robokaki (Jason Fox>Dr. Mac> Me)chalice for sale. Two bright pink eyes 70$ Sorry but pic was taken with a Canon point and shoot.
  13. Dendros frags 4/S

    I have four Dendro frags for sale. Bright orange in coloration. First three are the same size. Last one is slightly smaller. You can pick up on Staten Island in the evening or you can meet me in Bayridge in the morning or on the weekends. You can also pick up in Lower Manhattan (NYSE/ statue of...
  14. Brazilian Gramma F/t or sale

    Hey everyone I have this Brazilian Gramma for a long time and as much as I don't want to get rid of her I do because I feel my bio load is increasing since downgrading. I need a good home for her. She is about 3 inches long. Not agressive towards any fish except other basslets.I'm open for...
  15. Coralife skimmer for sale

    I have a coralife super skimmer needle wheel or sale. It's good for tanks up to 65 gallons. I purchased it from Junglebase(Alex) a year or two years ago. I'm asking 25$. I have also drilled the collection cup with a barbed fitting. Pickup evenings on Staten island or Brooklyn in the A.M. or...
  16. Sons Of Anarchy

    The show kicked off it's 3rd season the other night(great episode) and I was wondering if any other members on here are into it. This show has gained popularity primarily by word of mouth. I found out by a co-worker and have been an avid watcher since season one. I started watching from the...
  17. Clamming on L.I

    My love affair with being out East(sorry Staten Island,Brooklyn) started long ago as a kid when my dad took me out there fishing which led to crabbing clamming and Saltwater tanks(local species). I can't thank him enough. This year I went clamming all summer long and this weekend was no...
  18. Free Pencil Urchin

    Free Pencil Urchin. Very Easy to take for. Pick up on Staten Island(weeknights) or Brooklyn this weekend if I'm visiting my inlaws. Here is a link to a pic of it in my gallery...
  19. Top Down Boxes

    Just as the title says. Are any vendors going to have any Top Down Boxes for sale at the swap? Preferably with the sides blacked out exept for the bottom obviously. LMK please! :D
  20. Happy Birthday M'akoy

    Happy Girthday my friend!! Have a great day. Where is my frag for remembering your Birthday ? I want the real frag and not some picture of it either. :D